The 1 Thing to Never Say to Your Child After Divorce

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I learned something very important in court parenting class. Something I didn’t expect.

I was sitting in a large nondescript room that looked something like a school cafeteria or a VFW, about to listen to a court parenting class. They offered cheap snacks like peanuts and granola bars, along with water bottles. I grabbed some snacks and looked around. As I scanned the crowd I saw newly separated people with the mark of divorce on their faces. The exhaustion, fear and defeat showed on almost everyone. I had already been separated for 2 years at this point so it wasn’t new to me. Yet as “old” as it was to me, sitting in that class taught me a lot.

I learned a lot about what the court deals with in regards to children and divorce. I learned a lot about what the court expects from me and other divorced parents.

But the one thing that stuck with me was when the court social worker told us we should never call our “ex” our “ex” in front of our children or to other people we are speaking to in front of the kids.

“Ex has a bad connotation. Ex is something that is no longer part of you. Ex is the past. But to your kids, your “ex” is their father or mother. A good person. A part of them. Their present and future.”

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7 Brags Moms Make About Their Kids That May or May Not Be True

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Moms can’t help but brag about our kids, right? It’s in our blood. If we didn’t love our kids so much, most likely, we would eat our young like some animals do. And truly, is there any mother who can say she doesn’t brag about her kiddo? No, and if she says she doesn’t, she’s lying. It’s one of the great privileges after giving birth — ranting and raving about your progeny. To us, our own children are the world, and the rest of the planets simply circulate around them. Here are seven brags moms make about their kids that may or may not be true but are always true to that proud mama, no matter what the audience or critics might say. Wink.

1. He’s the Cutest

If you didn’t think your kid was the cutest, you most likely would have high-tailed it out of motherhood after the first few exhausting days of infancy. Of course, your kid is cute, but to you, he’s the cutest. Ever. Infinity! Other moms, however, might debate that their children are the “cutest.” Apparently, it’s a popular award!

2. She’s the Best in a Sport

Truly, the best in a sport is most likely proven by a Super Bowl or the Olympics, but since we’re not being sticklers here, a mom will brag her kid is the best in a sport, and most likely, that kid is pretty darn great, indeed!

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5 Signs You’re Just Dating a Pen Pal

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You match on Tinder, Happn, or Bumble and — bam! — the connection is hot! You can’t wait to meet. Your banter and messages are fun, playful, and interesting. The two of you cannot stop chatting away and you are starting to feel positive about this potential partner. It’s rare that it happens considering online dating and dating apps are a bit of a grind in which you sample a bunch of people but end up enjoying only a small fraction of the interactions you have with anyone. So this person is finally piquing your interest.

When is it time to get drinks or coffee? Now! But somehow, you still haven’t met this person yet . . .

1. Constant Texting but Never Direct Plans

The two of you say good morning and good night to each other, but there’s never a concrete plan to go out. You two never miss a day of chatting, but this person hasn’t mentioned a time to see you.

2. Your Requests Are Met With Excuses

You give in and ask the person to make a date, and your request is met with a bunch of excuses. Somehow this match always has work, friends to see, a sick family member, or “isn’t sure” of his/her schedule.

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