From Douchebags to Diapers

So here it is. I am 35 and a mom. I worry about big things, like messing up my kid, dealing with psychotic people, and my boobs sagging.  Hey, my boobs sagging would suck. Sure, it’s gonna happen eventually, but let me enjoy them while they’re still here in the upper part of the hemisphere. Anywhoo, I’m gonna share with you all my adventures from childhood to teenage years (that’s where the douchebag part comes in–I dated many of them) to now (diapers: I change them. My baby eats regular food now and her diapers make me gag. Poop is good when you’re making it, not cleaning it up). I’m gonna test drive some of my memoir pieces, share my current thoughts, indulge my thoughts of self-importance to make up for my crappy self-esteem, and generally try to laugh because hell, life is too short to bitch all the time.

Join me!

2012, viva la resistance! ( I say this as I write in my pajamas, hoping to holy hell I might stay awake long enough to seduce my hubby).


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