Boob-age: from taunting times to the milk factory

When I was a kid, I pretty much was surrounded by boobs. I have three sisters, all a good deal older than me, so by the time I hit my teen years, I was ready for my turn, and oh boy, did nature throw me a pair of big ones, especially for my size frame. I was harassed quite a bit about them, and even ostracized by most of my classmates in elementary school. I remembered keeping my jacket on so no one would look at them for most of my eighth grade year. For years, they were rather noticed by the male generation, and I only imagined them as how they’d look in a bra.
Now, I have breastfed my first daughter since her birth. She is nine and a half months old, and as we approach her first birthday…and she eats more and nurses less, I have decided that shortly after her birthday, I would like us to wean. Just writing this is making me cry. I never thought I would feel such a bond that could generate from “Chester and Lester< the child molesters," a little nickname someone used to taunt me with. I have been incredibly fortunate to have this relationship with my daughter, and to be honest, it has been a mostly easy journey. Sometimes though, it was not easy. I had mastitis, and some clogged ducts…all painful, and it definitely is exhausting at times. It looks like a woman is just sitting there when in reality, the body is burning calories. It definitely serves as a great weight-loss tool! Anyway, when the baby is sick…fussy…tired, nursing has always been my secret weapon. I have no problem with nursing until she wants to stop, but I have my own reasons health wise, why I feel it will be good for me to stop shortly after she turns one, unless she really fights me. Then I won't pursue it…at least for a month or two, but at some point post-birthday, I would like my body back, as much as it makes me sad as well. At night, when she is with me, it is the best thing in the world. That she wants mommy and knows I am always here for her, means so much to me. I know nursing has been wonderful for both of us, and thinking of it ending is making me so sad. I am so glad that after all the teasing, taunting, and harassment, my boobs could actually produce a positive memory: the feeding of my daughter. I cannot believe she will be almost one. How is it that I am 35 years old with a baby? I still remember myself standing in a comedy club at eleven at night, waiting to go on stage. Where will life take me next?

3 thoughts on “Boob-age: from taunting times to the milk factory

  1. Heather LaGreca says:

    This made me emotional 😦 I am so jealous you have been able to breastfeed this long, but feel blessed that I got to do it for awhile. It is funny what an enjoyable experience it is. I never saw that happening.

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      I can understand. Breastfeeding is such an emotional topic. I am having a hard time thinking about her weaning her, much less doing it. She is slowly nursing less…it is just a very emotional thing!! I will miss it, and definitely nurse again if we are lucky with another!

      • Holly says:

        I remember how sad I was when G stopped. I think it was sadder for me then for her, she had pretty much weaned herself off around 13 and a half months. It was much easier stopping with Lucas. I think I knew he and I would be okay.

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