“Oh, but my kid is doing THIS and THIS!”

Sometimes I wish I were a dad. Dads don’t hang with other dads and talk about what his kid is doing/eating/pooping/saying. Dad’s don’t secretly “tisk-tisk” what other dads do because they’re too busy not giving a crap to bother.
Sometimes, it’s nice to just talk to someone who isn’t a mom. Who isn’t going to ask me the long list of questions of what my kid is doing/saying/pooping.
I think this stems from the deep -seeded fear that maybe I am not doing a good job as a parent. I worry that I am making the right choices. I find it comforting to meet other moms who feel the same way, and when I meet moms who always seem calm and collected, it kind of annoys me. Like, don’t you ever have a bad day?
Well, i have had a few bad moments this week, in which I find myself wondering if I am doing the right things with my daughter. While there are a few choices I do not doubt at all, there are others I wonder about like, is this the best way, or is there another way that’s better. I guess this also makes me a good parent, because I want to do better, to be better.
I also feel that my generation is a new generation of parent, in which we push our kids/mold our kids, maybe a bit too much. We hover, unlike my parent’s generation, which may be a good and bad thing. Certainly my parent’s generation made its share of mistakes–but our generation (I feel) has a tendency to push and prod our kids more than others. I haven’t run a scientific study, but I feel I am right about this, and I do believe there is literature about this.
I guess I am allowed to have days and weeks when I doubt myself as I adjust to this new role as a mother. I am happy I have the mom title, I just wish sometimes I had all the answers.


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