It Takes a Village: What to do when the village disappears?

People say it takes a village to raise a child, and I’d say the saying is true. The problem is in our society, the village is gone. Who wants to help anyone?  It is a sad fact. And of course, I won’t take help from someone who is abusive to me or thinks I am not a good person. Nor will I drop thousands of dollars while bringing home nothing for someone I don’t know to raise my offspring. So, I am trying to build my own village because I can’t burn the two people out who I count on, but that’s just not easy in today’s day and age.  Why?


There’s a billion reasons. Some people are simply out for themselves or are lazy. Some people are busy and overextended…people who are working to simply keep a roof over their heads. Or the people who need to keep up with the Jonses: working to death in order to buy overpriced gas-guzzling large vehicles and unnecessary gadgets. What would they do without the updated insert technological device?  For whatever reason, people just aren’t around in today’s society. 

It used to be that one could expect reliable help without even asking from extended and immediate family members, even people in the neighborhood, but our society has strayed from the family unit and moved towards the individual unit. We are the “ME ME ME” country; Americans value the individual over the group in every fathomable way. 

So while I truly  love many of the modern conveniences parenting in the millenium has given me, I feel a sense of envy for those who parent/parented with a village behind them. It makes life better. This is not to say that I easily would relinquish control over my kid to anyone. Oh no, I am protective for sure, but back in the day, the family./community unit was so tight, people did not struggle like they do today. This is why childcare has been relegated to the private sector: it’s a business. Kids today barely know who their neighbors are. While I didn’t know each and every one of my neighbors well, I knew mostly everyone, and some well. Who can say that in today’s society? No wonder parents are so stressed. We have forgotten the family unit. We have forgotten what counts.


One thought on “It Takes a Village: What to do when the village disappears?

  1. Amy says:

    This same topic was on my mind the other day and I was (eventually) going to write a post about it. I wish I had more of a village!!

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