In the Moment

One of my biggest weaknesses is I am not good at living in the moment.

Something I could certainly learn from Buddhism is how to live in the moment.

I feel myself planning ahead constantly. Worrying about what will happen is X amount of days, years. Worrying about what will not happen in X amount of days, years.While all this is happening, I still manage to enjoy my life but not to the extent I should. How can anyone enjoy the present when one is furiously preparing for the potential things/events that may or may not happen? There is nothing wrong with making preparations and choices that can set us up for a potentially good future/outcome, but I feel I could do a lot more living and a lot less preparing.

When people ask me, “Are you where you thought you’d be back when you were a kid?” I have no idea truly what I expected exactly for myself, other than a career, so I have learned that things do not happen exactly as we expect them to be. Life is not some distinct map in which we knew exactly where to turn, or where we’d end up.

After being so ill in early pregnancy and seeing family and friends suffer through health issues, I feel it is time to focus on each moment. While holding a three-month old baby the other day it hit me that time is going so incredibly fast ( I can barely imagine my own being that little and wobbly) that I must savor and focus on the moment. No one knows how long we have and I’d rather not spend time worrying. For weeks, I have made an attempt to really focus on controlling my anxieties/worry. Watching other people in anxious states helped me to see how my own anxiety or worries can not only affect me, but also the people I love. I have noticed a big difference in the past few weeks, and so have the people around me. I feel the more I continue to live in the moment, while preparing for those events I must necessarily prepare for, I will live a more enriching life.

Life is happening now. Time to get off the computer. 

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