In the Bedroom: sex as you get older. What happens?

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2012 at 6:47 pm

I wasn’t sure what to expect from married life, as far as sex was concerned. In the pretty brochure on marriage it said that men want lots of sex and women don’t. It said that husbands chase their wives around like lunatics, while women subsequently denied them. The brochure however, didn’t say anything about how sex will change as you get older (If it does.I’m not old, so you can’t ask moi.)

Nobody talks about sex openly. I never hear my women friends say to me, “Well Laura you know what? I am very horny today.” or “I really never want sex.”

If you ask people they might offer that information, but other than that, the word is mum on the streets.

As a woman in her mid-thirties, I have to wonder what my sex life is going to be like as I get older. Thanks to evolution, men peak sexually in their early twenties, while women peak in their mid-thirties. Isn’t that a bitch? I wonder to myself what my sex drive will be like as my hormonal levels change. Will it decline? Stay similar to what it was but slightly less? Will it totally die?

Maybe I am a total and utter pig, or an endocrine addict, but the thought of not having a sex drive saddens me. As my wise friend Dan said, “The idea of NOT being sexy to anyone as I get older is horrifying.”

Not being sexy, not wanting sex. It’s the same thing. Sure, I’m not twenty and young, but I cringe at the thought of being an old wrinkly ball who simply poops herself, pets her cats, wears fuchsia lipstick, and goes without an orgasm.

Maybe it’s peaceful though…to not bother with all that? But I doubt it. The question I am asking is what happens as you get older? Do you stop caring? Is it less important? When is the cut-off date as far as that’s concerned?

What do couples do over time? It seems kind of wrong that people are sexually primed to copulate more when they’re young, since most of the time a “man” at age 20 is usually clueless about the female genitalia still, even if they’re doing the deed. A 50 year old man who seem way more experienced, but alas, thanks to reduced testosterone he’s simply not as geared up as he once was.

For those of you folks who aren’t older, but “wiser,” how does sex exist for you, whether you’re married or single?

Is it going to suck? Does it get better, but less frequent? 

I’m just curious as no one told me. The only script I’ve read is the old bit in which the husband chases the wife around, and to me, I think it’s not quite true.

I just want to prepare myself so I can get it out all now before I become decreipt. Plus I’m curious: does anyone else wonder what happens over time? Am I the only pervert?

Wait, don’t answer that question.


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