Enough about my uterus! Shut up.

Why are people so invested in my uterus? In anyone’s uterus?

Why does Joe Blow from Indianapolis or Marty Moe from Florida, or Annie from Dallas, Texas care about what other women do with their uterus’s?? 

Why do my neighbors, fellow gym rats, etc give a crap about me and my little old uterus?

Is it really that sexy? I mean, I think I am pretty sexy, but I have never had a great look at my uterus! Maybe it’s fantastic!

It’s not just the annoying barrage of “End Roe vs. Wade!” people that bug me and believe me they truly do, but the people that constantly ask me if I am going to have another child.

Why don’t these people worry about their children? Their lives? To everyone spouting off about what “other women” should do, I suggest this: become a better parent or person.

You want to keep people from having an unwanted child?

Try volunteering with teenagers. Try advocating condoms because Lord knows abstinence talks rarely work..

And before vilifying women, try talking to women who have had abortions. Ask them why. Ask them if they did it carelessly or for a reason. I’ve spoken to quite a few women who have had abortions, and it was never because they were bored that day!

And people don’t just talk about uteruses or uteri’s?/– (what is the plural of uterus anyway?) to discuss abortions, but they talk about reproduction…how many kids one will have or not have, etc.

It’s common talk in our society to “assume” that people will have children. The second someone walks down the aisle we all want to know, “When will they procreate?”

Is this just an American thing? 

I’ve never had so many people ask me when I am having another child as much as I have in the past three weeks. I am almost expecting someone to do an exam of my cervix. I might as well walk around with a magnifying mirror and stirrups.

I just wish people would leave me alone already. Let me use my uterus and vagina for whatever I decide to use it for. Let other women use their bodies as they so choose. They are the ones who will have to live with whatever choice they make, not you.

You want to be helpful instead of annoying??
Don’t ask women without children when it will happen or why don’t they want kids? Instead, ask them about their lives–gasp! They have lives without children?! Yes, they sure do! Ask couples who just got married what they’re most looking forward to, what goals they’re looking to achieve. If they want to travel.
I know people ask the “When are you having (another) a baby?” question very innocently. I know many people don’t mean any harm. I have asked the question before, although I don’t like to anymore as I have learned it’s a bad idea. I just think we need to question this cultural norm. It’s nosy. Invasive. Does anyone ask a man, when are you getting a vasectomy? Have you made any unwanted babies? What are you doing with your penis?
The same goes for people with many children. Stop commenting. You are not special. No one cares what you think. While I agree it seems socially irresponsible to have nineteen kids like that one lady, it’s not my place to comment even if I feel she is risking her life and creating way too many mouths to feed in a day and age when our resources are numbered.
Fact is, my opinion means nothing to those people, and nor should it.
Some days, I wish I had a penis. Not only would it be easier to pee and I could look at it all day and play with it ( I totally would), but then no one would ask me when I was having a baby or tell me what to do with myself.

I could just be a person with some privacy, and um, no government regulation.


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