Ashamed! A few embarrassing songs that I absolutely love! Part 1

Pre-MTV days, I reviewed bands for college radio and zines. I checked out tons of shows, and was often found jamming out in tiny clubs with a pad and pen in hand.

There’s a love for music that always seems to come through in my memoir. Somehow, I’m always thinking of how a song played out into a scene. I figured I might share a few of my dirty musical secrets.

#1 “Disco Inferno,” by the Trammps

Seriously bitches. Grab your polyester and boogie down. Jimmy Ellis had a very soulful voice–full of a lot of that flavor found from the Godfather himself, “James Brown.” In general, most people I know don’t go blasting disco music, but I had this real disco revival back when I was 19, or 20. Polyester shirts. Bell bottoms. Saturday Night Fever. There’s nothing like blasting a little “Disco Inferno” while dancing in your house…or from your car, singing it loudly so people just stare at you because you’re a total freak, because you are!

#2 Debbie Gibson–“Out of the Blue” album.

I ‘ahem’ really dread sharing this horrific fact.  I will make it look better by telling you all that I don’t LOVE this album, but there are a few good pop bubblegum songs on that record that I loved as a kid…and 3 of them made it into my Itunes library. Egads! That’s like the literary equivalent of reading Twilight.

I digress.

Debbie Gibson actually did write a good portion of her music, unlike many pop tweens of today. How do I know that? Her old manager signed me on to a shitty record deal, that’s how. So not only could she play piano and sing, she did write lyrics.

Okay, I will now spank myself for this awful aberration.

#3 Good song,  but  stupid when I hear it.

Jay-Z’s “Can I get a..?”Okay, anytime I hear this song or any song on XM radio’s Backspin– NWA anyone?–I instantly start rapping. I am the last person anyone wants to see rapping at any point in one’s life. I once rapped in a fire-safety PSA. It was dreadful, but a good paycheck, and hey, I helped save kids from fire hopefully.

I absolutely love some hip-hop, but I sure look painful rocking out to it. Maybe there’s some Af-Am roots in my family…that would be awesome, but I doubt it. Hmm, calling


#4 Speaking of really white guys…

Rick Astley’s “She Wants to Dance with Me”

This dude was so white! You could see all of his major organs through his suit and tie! I loved this song, and still have it in my itunes. It was released around 1987-1989. He hasn’t been heard from since approximately 1991, and if he has been, no one gives a shit.


This is the end of Part 1 of embarrassing songs I like!

Check out my embarrassing fire safety video on You Tube:

Cheesy “Be cool with fire safety” Video (Part 1)

by  Segadude3000






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