Enjoy these moments. They’ll soon be gone.

Your child is growing faster than you want him or her to. The dishes can be done another day. The floors can be cleaned tomorrow.

I wish I always stuck to this rule, but alas, I have a mean case of the “cleanies,” or otherwise known as mild mild OCD and the compulsive need to know I could run my finger along the floor and find not one speck of dirt.

I am home with my child for the majority of the week, but not all, and I find that you can be home with a kid, but it doesn’t necessarily equal quality time. While I waste some time doing the necessities like, cleaning, cooking, or catching up with work emails and/or writing work, I really try to put stuff aside to play as much as I can with my daughter.

I know I will be working an insane job and losing out on all this time with her, and that one day she will turn to me and say, “Later, mom.”

She already wants to read her books on her own, or even sit by herself. She is fiercely independent.

I just urge parents to set the phone/work/worries/chores aside, and just enjoy these moments.

My daughter sometimes uses the wrong object pronouns– ” Mommy pick you up.”

She holds onto little washcloths, and kisses her Snoopy and Tinkerbell stickers. She asks us to sleep in my bed, and asks me to sing particular songs to her.

One day she won’t do such things, and won’t want me the same way. I won’t be the center of her universe. Is it draining dealing with toddler mood swings? Sure. However, it is a precious time. I can’t imagine her as a big person at all. I love basking in her energy and vivaciousness. I feel so honored to watch her grow up.

I know I am not saying anything earth-shattering or new, but just let it slide, those little things. They can be done later. I try to take my own advice, because it’s legitimate.

Childhood is so magical, because children always suspend disbelief. They always live in the moment, unless they’re desperately talking about their birthdays months in advance, or talking about that trip they made to Disney as if they did it yesterday. They have an amazing capability to sense people’s genuineness and emotions. It is a time like no other in life.

I know that one day I will miss all the time I spent coloring, painting, reading, singing, and chasing after my little sprite. I know all mothers think their children are superb, but I cannot help but think that since I only have one child, I really landed a fantastic one.

She will sometimes say, ‘Mommy, play with you (meaning me),” and I have to stop what I am doing so I can go to her side.

One day, she will be too busy to play with me, and I will always wish for just one more time to play.

One thought on “Enjoy these moments. They’ll soon be gone.

  1. deirdre1978 says:

    There are times i have my phone out and Mary will say “Pocket, phone, mommy.” And I quickly obey! Of course it’s usually while I’m using it to take pictures of her lol
    I agree with every word you wrote. I sometimes find myself entrenched with dishes and laundry and I think to myself “Idiot, what are you doing? Go sit down with her and read or color or pick up a doll.” She likes to play on her own sometimes too, but it melts my heart when she points to the floor with her little finger and says “Mommy, sit right here!”

    FYI, she confuses her pronouns too..if she wants me to pick her up it’s always “Carry you?”

    Enjoy every moment….at least we know enough to realize that’s what we have to do! 🙂


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