I have  a lemon. It’s not what I wanted. I wanted a shiny new peach. Or a beautiful ripe plum.

Instead, I have a lemon. I can throw it, smash it, cut it, or instead squeeze the juice and drink a rather bitter lemonade.

I only have this lemon, but something will come from it eventually. The juicing will teach me something. I will make something good come from this lemon.

It is so hard to remember when things are so damn bleak to find anything remotely good about the situation. As people, it’s natural for us to get caught up in emotions….and fear. I am weak to this just as any other human is, but I need to remember that I will get something from this experience, possibly even more than I did from the happy ones, despite the pain I am enduring now.

I have a lemon, and this half-assed lemonade.

It’s a bitter juice, but at least I’m not thirsty anymore.

One thought on “Lemons

  1. JessieLNFaehnle says:

    Lemons always seem sweeter in hind sight. You’ll have to get through an orchard of lemon trees, before you see how beautiful the sunlight has made each lemon. Just remember from bitterness come the sweetness of strength. … And don’t worry, you have some friends that will walk through all of those lemons with you. I have a cup of sugar if you need it! : )

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