Don’t be uptight about sex, you filthy prude!

In sex, Uncategorized on June 19, 2013 at 2:36 am

I know not everyone was raised in a heathen household like mine. I even have little half-Jewish horns.

Okay, so we weren’t heathens, but just mainly liberals, which to some people means heathen. Anywhoo, other than my one puritanical sister who I could tease by just saying “chicken breasts,” I have always been open about sex. I don’t feel the need to be all hush-hush, and proper.

This doesn’t mean that I feel the need to feel up strangers on a bus or anything, although a stranger fantasy sounds interesting, but that I feel we make it too taboo and problematic when we whisper about something that basically propagates the existence of mankind.

I would reckon to say that Europe is more nuanced and advanced than the States,and I think here in the good ol’ US of ASS-A, that we are insanely prudish about important things involving the body–breastfeeding and general body/reproductive awareness, yet we buy clothes from manufacturers that make 12 year-old girls look like 30 year-olds.

We won’t talk about STD’s, birth control, or LGBT issues, but we like to go in liquor stores in which cardboard babes with large hooters sell us beer.

Loosen the grip people.

Face the fact that sex is what makes the world go around. Without it, the Duggars would just be the disciples of God, rather than baby-making machines.

While we may be humans with complex cognitive and social abilities/mores, we are also still just animals. Have you ever been pregnant before? I swear men sniffed me out. They saw me as desirable because I was able to procreate and conceive. Evolution. Darwinism.

Have you ever gone on a date while ovulating? Were you hornier than usual? Did you go home with the person? Of course you did, you filthy whore.

I tease.

The point is, when we talk about sex openly–not in a crass or rude way, unless the company is right–we remove a lot of the shame, ignorance, and fear surrounding the topic.

It’s why I don’t feel weird discussing it, and why I didn’t feel weird nursing my kid in public. I’ve got issues sure, but I’m comfortable knowing that my body is important and sexual, not an object or horror show to fear.

True Fact: in 7th grade sex ed, on my last day of class I wrote two songs for my teacher. They were entitled “Ovary City,” and “Sperm City.”

I bet Banana boobs loved both songs.

PS-She was awesome!


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