Mom in the Mirror

Dear Mom in the Mirror:

You didn’t make anything homemade today.

All you do was heat up leftovers, slacker.

Your kid was bad in the store today, so you had to withdraw a privilege, and now you feel like crap.

You know it had to be done, but you work so much Mom, that when you have to be Bad Cop, which it always seems that that role is on you, it hurts.

Shouldn’t you have predicted your kid would act out? Shouldn’t you have known Mom?

What are you doing wrong to make your kid act so out of character?

Are you a bad Mom, mom?

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How to Get Divorced in 5 Easy Steps: A go-to-guide for people who don’t know any better.


Are you unhappily married?

Are you too lazy to bother trying anymore?

Do you not give a crap?

Do you remember your wife’s/husband’s name?

Were you in a coma or under severe sedation during your wedding?

Think about those answers, and let’s talk about how to ruin your marriage and get divorced in just 5 easy steps. Continue reading