Get a Glow This Winter: Sex (& Beauty)

Man and Woman: Wall\

Wintertime doesn’t need to be a lonely time, if you do it right.

There’s a reason why so many babies are born in September.  What else are you supposed to do when it’s 26 degrees out, or there’s a tundra outdoors? You’re certainly not going to brave the outdoors, unless you’re one of those types, which I am not.

The only winter sport I feel fit to endorse, is sex. Try some of these ideas to keep that lovely glow about you without frying your skin in a tanning salon or taking an expensive vacation.

I Don’t Know You

Why not make a date and set out with the intentions of pretending you’re total strangers?

Unless your guy or girl lacks creativity or simply is too quiet to make small talk, this is a scenario worth trying out. You don’t need costumes or gag tricks: pick a secluded bar or restaurant in an area far from friends (this isn’t the time to go to your local neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name fool) and family, and choose a basic “storyline.”

Instead of going back to your house or apartment, pick a classy hotel if you can afford it. If you can’t, go for the gold and get the smuttiest and shittiest hotel possible.

You’ll feel like you’re 20 again!

Ready for strangers for real?

If you’re brave, you can attempt a swing club. You don’t have to participate: you can watch, but only go if you’re cool with seeing a lot of nudity, sex, and don’t mind getting hit on. Even if you and your broad/dude don’t do a thing but watch the activities, it might just zap you guys into high gear simply from the voyeurism or from the compliments. People are usually respectful from what I hear, so proceed with caution or high vigor, depending on your personality as a couple.

The Kama Sutra

I’ve heard a lot about that book, but most people seem to stick to the same old, same old positions when it comes to good sheet hockey.

Why not grab the book, pick a random page number, and go!

Most relationships fall into rut and routine. It’s very hard to keep things fresh. The only way a lot of couples can get life into the bedroom again is to make the choice to simply try something new, even if it’s planned. We all know spontaneous is the most fun, but let’s face it: reality can trump spontaneity when it comes to daily life, especially if you have kids.

No Clothes

Look, lingerie can be costly and sometimes those garter belts are a real bitch to deal with. Stockings are great and sexy, but damn are they a pain in the ass. They must have been purposefully invented to cause unnecessary torture for women.

Ladies, head out to dinner (if you’ve got balls in that vagina of yours) in just a coat, boots, and panties.

Nothing else.

Just keep telling him–and the waiter that you’re fine wearing your coat.

If this is your own personal version of a nightmare, I understand.

Instead, make dinner in that coat and nothing else.

Then, head for the big reveal after he’s had the last bite.

I think he’ll understand that you’re not looking to watch the Voice on TV tonight.

***got kids? Get a friend to take them for a sleepover. Too little to do that? Wait for a private dinner after the kids are asleep. Worst Case Scenario? If your kid sees you naked, just remember that you gave birth to him/her. They will survive.

Beautiful Skin, You’re In!

Do you want to look good and dewy this winter without the sport of winter sex? Read my beauty tips here in for an amazing glow!

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Don’t leave me lonely! I’m a good girl, indeed!

7 thoughts on “Get a Glow This Winter: Sex (& Beauty)

  1. mik1999 says:

    Great ideas. We have tried the “I don’t know you” but with another couple and it did not go so well – boring and very non sexy. We have also tried a swing club — really fun people and we had a blast.

    Another idea we have tried that can be a darting night out — my wife wore a very quiet remote vibrating panty as we sat in a very nice hotel lounge for drinks. It led to very fun sexy chat and great sex afterwards

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Good for you! Did you blog about the swinging? I think it’s great you went and tried something that’s off the beaten path. It’s not for everyone of course, so clearly you guys are a tight couple!
      I like the panty idea for sure. That’s discreet but a lot of fun. Did you work the remote?

      • mik1999 says:

        I am going to blog on our experience at a swingers resort. I find in blogging, at least for me, it is fought to know how personal/revealing to get.

        With the panties, I controlled the remote, which added to the unpredictability and fun

      • frommtvtomommy says:

        Well yes, it is a fine line, especially if others involved are working hard to keep anonymous. Sounds fun! Keep me posted when it’s published!.
        I like the remote idea a lot.

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