Sensitive People: Don’t we suck? No. We don’t.

Have had enough of hearing of how I should learn to be less sensitive.

Might anyone know how I could go about doing that?

Maybe I need to watch a bunch of people being murdered….or watch a war right in front of me.

Or freeze my heart. Numb myself with unnecessary psychiatric medications.

Start pushing old people when they walk too slow.

Kick little kids that cry too much.

Tell strangers to go fuck themselves.

I am sensitive damnit!
I have been since I was a kid. I hated grass stains, milk, E.T., boy bands, and terrible blonde-dye jobs.

I have been able to cry at the drop of a hat since I was old enough to read: age 3.

I like the theatre, lingerie, comedy, loud families, tiaras, makeup, sex toys and role playing (not as a kid, thanks), big boxes of expensive chocolate, buying people presents, dance shows, and other THEATRICAL AND GRAND GESTURES OF LOVE AND EMOTION!!!

Bring on the shakespeare! Bring on the intensity! Break out the capital letters! The exclamation points!

I am sensitive. I cannot be taught to be different.

I have been abused, lied to,kicked, assaulted, mugged, and more.

I have been alone, afraid, broke, victimized, disconnected, and still…I cannot make myself some cold and unempathetic person.

I cannot be less sensitive.

So for those of you who may ask me to do so, here is my suggestion:

Go fuck yourself.

And I say this in the most sensitive way possible, of course.


A Woman who loves being who she is: intense sometimes, other times not, but definitely never boring.

5 thoughts on “Sensitive People: Don’t we suck? No. We don’t.

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast says:

    I agree sister. I know how know the judgmental stares translate into discomfort. Our young are being told every day how special they are. Like getting out of bed special. And that Jerry Springer is fake. Not it’s not. What this boils down to is an arrogant assumption that someone owes us something. Then strut around like on Springer while other idiots cheer on dysfunction. When you are taught to be respectful, others spit on you. Spit on by lowlifes cherishing their roles as nitwits. Just saying!!! 🙂

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