To the Stay-At Home Mom: You’re Doing A Good Job

To the Stay-At Home Mom: You’re Doing A Good Job

Once upon a time, just a few shorts months ago, I was a SAHM who worked very part-time and freelanced from home. My days were consumed with cooking, chores, play dates, park trips, and cleaning. My biggest complaint was feeling as if my brain was going to die from lack of use, and feeling as if I were a maid. My biggest perk was all of the time spent with my daughter, and enjoying play dates.

Now I am gone from the house 60 hours a week, and here’s what I have to say to the SAH moms of the present and future:

You’re doing a good job mommy.

To the dads that are supporting you? You’re doing a great job dad, and here are some reasons why you should support your “staying-at-home” mommy. Continue reading

Your Spouse is Only as Good as His/Her Last Kind Word: Does Your Spouse Support You?

Your Spouse is Only as Good as His/Her Last Kind Word: Does Your Spouse Support you?


Being married is not just about sharing bills,(potentially) child-rearing,  a home, or a last name. Being married is about ultimately accepting your spouse’s weakpoints and issues, yet loving them despite.

It’s not about needing your spouse, but about wanting your spouse.

Someone said to me the other day, “We’re only as loyal as our options,” and while that certainly is true, when you love someone, you’ve decided that while your neighbor or co-worker might be hot as Hades, you’re going to stick with the program and be faithful to the person you professed your love to for eternity. Continue reading

If You Can’t Handle the Claus-ing, Then Get Out Of The Costume

I went to see Santa Claus with my daughter today. Since I grew up Jewish, I find all this Christmas stuff to be great fun!

My daughter has seen the same Santa for the past 3 years, (she will be 3 at the end of March) and he’s pretty legit looking. I didn’t tug on his beard, but he’s definitely got the Santa look down pat. Of course, he was lacking in a few other ways.

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