More Sex, Please: Tips for Better Sex in the New Year

In sex on January 2, 2014 at 7:23 pm

Man and Woman in Bed

It’s a New Year Men. Why start it off on the wrong “foot” when you’ve got a chance to make a splash in bed this year?

If you’re noticing ladies leaving your bed quicker than a prostitute, or you’re wondering why after getting some “action” no one calls you back, it’s time to assess your bedroom skills Men.

If you’re partnered up and find that your wife always has a headache, you might want to ask her why she never wants to sleep with you. Maybe as nice as you are, you’re not delivering the goods, so to speak.

Variety, honesty, asking for help, and becoming one with the “man in the mountain” will be the way to make your woman/women feel happy in bed in 2014 gentlemen.

Seek my sage advice here in

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