My Wife Won’t Bang Me, Part II: Additional Reasons Why She’s Not Doing You

In marriage, sex on January 5, 2014 at 3:06 am

After serious reflection and my version of “My Husband Won’t Bang Me,” I decided to give men a few more reasons why a wife won’t bang.


If she is feeling fat, lonely, like a bad mother or is unemployed, stressed at work, or sick, she may be too depressed to want you. If this is the case, suggesting a therapist is a must, even if she gets mad at your for it. This could become a lifelong issue, and you don’t want to sleep alone forever.


She may feel less than sexy, and if you’ve done nothing romantic or special to make her feel like she is more than just your roommate, you are simply putting the nail in your sex life coffin. Accept her as she is and if you want her to lose some weight, exercise with her and point out her good traits. No one wants to make hanky-panky with someone who is making them feel “less than.”

On The Other Team

She might just be gay, which is cool. Women are beautiful. Do you blame her? If you think she might be more into cats than dogs, why not talk to her about it, and see where the conversation takes you. If this is the case, you probably have a good hunch.

Worried About Kids

If your child or children are having issues, chances are that the Mrs. will be too worried to bang. You won’t be able to solve the issues at hand, but you could do something to help her relax like, be helpful. Offer a massage. Cook. Relieve her stress.

Do. Something.

This PSA is brought to you by a woman who believes that intimacy and passion help keep people happy.

If you can, don’t “do it” alone, at least not every single time.



  1. I read all of your posts and you are so funny!! As a mother of three, I can totally relate to everything you say. Please visit my blog I would love to get your thoughts (I just created it).

    • Well thank you very much for #1 reading and #2, for the great compliment! I will go visit your blog. 🙂 Three little ones is a lot of work, but a lot of reward I am sure of it!

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