Older Women/Mothers: Don’t throw them away for a younger chick

So, I know I’ve commented on how younger men can be fun–virile, energetic, and wanting to please, but there is something age brings that beauty does not, and that my friends, is confidence and experience.

American society as a whole, cuts off women at a certain age. They’re undesirable or not perky enough.


Sexy is 20, not necessarily 40 in the American public image, unless they’re lauding celebrities and how great they look at 30+, because 30 is old in the entertainment industry, unless you’re a comedienne, and then it’s okay.

Well I am here to tell you men and women who love women that throwing away an older woman or “mother” is total bollocks and a bad idea. Here’s why:

While there are plenty of older women and moms with amazingly hot bodies, that’s not why having sex with an older woman or a mother is so great.


I started having sex too young in my opinion. Most of this was due to wanting to be cool, peer pressure, bad self-esteem, breasts that made me a sex object over night, and also abuse situations that I couldn’t handle.

In my early twenties, there was no way in hell I was going to tell a guy, “hey you’re doing it wrong,” or even “no, I don’t want to do that”–usually, but an older woman or as a woman ages, we get more confidence. We tell you what we want and don’t want, which makes a sexual relationship easier, and better. I don’t think I experienced oral sex until after I was 23 because younger guys didn’t want to bother with that.  Younger guys just cared about themselves, those rat bastards.

To those of you that were god-awful in bed, just letting you know now: you really sucked and I faked it every time because I was too young and afraid to say, “Man, you don’t know what you’re doing, do you?”

Of course, I was probably not really ready for sex, but  digress. So many college kids do it. High School kids. This stuff happens.

For ladies on the fence about an older man–do it. Older men are more confident at tackling intimate acts.

Older=, we’re more confident. While I went through a period of feeling unsexy despite being trim post-baby, for the most part, being older means grabbing life by the balls and saying, “Screw it! Why not?”

An older woman will have that. Most younger women are not as confident. I know despite feeling “sexy,” I was not confident for most of my 20’s.

And while again, some moms look like supermodels with their bodies, others don’t, yet the confidence and “fuck” it attitude makes an older woman the way to go.


An older woman will show you the ropes.Why do you think the movie the Graduate is so appealing? What man wouldn’t mind a teacher? Most of you probably fantasized about your teachers anyway.

Withstands more

When I was younger, a hair out of place creeped me out and I would be like, “No way am I continuing to hook up with a guy who has an arm pimple.”

Moms. Older women.

We’ve seen worse. We’ve maybe even seen a hemorrhoid or three. Bring on your acne, (not too much please. See my skincare guide here) bad hair days, receding hairlines, etc. We’re not snooty little girls anymore. We are women. Hear us roar.

And besides, if there are any injuries, who would you want to care for you? An inexperienced newbie? Or a mom who has nursed the sick and raised the well?

Besides, we own the nurses’ costumes better than the youngin’s.

Why not

We are more open to trying kinky stuff, mainly because the older we get, the more boring and mundane daily life can be, especially if you’re a mom burdened with domestic life. If we have to wash another dish, we might choke. We need excitement, so therefore, we are willing to try the good stuff.


As a young lass, I was afraid to get too bossy, but now hell, I’ve embraced my inner, okay, outer Napoleon, and I’m not afraid to take charge. This could work to your advantage you measly piece of crap you.

Get on your knees.

And lastly,

We know our bodies

If I asked my 21 year-old friends, “Do you masturbate?” they would have thought I was making a funny joke. As we have gotten older, my friends and I share more, because we know our bodies now. We know what we like. We know what we don’t like, and that means confidence, easier orgasms, happier women, and happier women means more sex.

Now that you know why older women and mothers are awesome, get to work. Do her chores, compliment her, let her relax, and even boss you around.

I wish I could go back to my college days and yell at the selfish little jerks who wanted to hook up without helping a sister out, if you know what I mean, but I can’t. But you ladies, you can reap from my knowledge. And men.

Find an older woman today!


3 thoughts on “Older Women/Mothers: Don’t throw them away for a younger chick

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast says:

    I saw a commercial tonight, the girl was selling something but I cannot remember what. I think it was a car but it could have been light bulbs or chia pets for that matter. Dazzling looks and all that 20s-something flash.

    But we all remember ‘Grease’, the part where Olivia Newton John came off as hot-sexy but in my heart of hearts she was hot before. But getting back to the 20s model doing the commercial, she later morphed into a needy and spoiled child. Those sexy lines now seem maybe a bit boring. And you are right, younger ladies do take chances whether it be anal (and they do not want to) or a threesome.

    Also there are some incredible looking older ladies and I could not believe Valerie Bertinelli is not as sexy as any 20-something now.

    To women I say, do not do a lot of plastic. That is a can of worms and can ultimately make you look like a steroid ridden vampire. That also says a lot about her and society’s expectation of beautiful.

    Enough of that crap like Honey Boo Boo and baby pageants or 12 year olds dressed up like 18 year olds. This is part of the problem. All this objectification hurts an older lady because truth be told, my best sex was with a lady over 40. She can love you and make you feel like you are a teen again while not having all that drama.

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