How to Be Disappointed by Others: 5 Easy Tips

How to Be Disappointed by Others: 5 Easy Tips

I find myself, at least in the past few years, being disappointed by other people. Maybe I am disappointing. Maybe I am not that special. Maybe I am a lousy lay—scratch that. I am a damn good lay! But I have found myself being burned, sad, or let down by people and wondered why.

Here are my 5 tips on how to be easily disappointed by others.

1- Forget that people don’t care

Most people don’t really care about others. They mostly care about themselves or who they deem as worthy enough to care about. Hint, you’re probably not one of those inner-circle peeps. People don’t want you to infringe on their little social group or interrupt their perfect little lives, so if you want to be totally let down by people, expect them to care.

2-Put your heart into everything

If you’ve ever had the privilege (or misfortune depending on how you view me) of meeting me, you’ll know that even twisting a bottle cap off can be a passionate exercise for me. If you want to feel like total crap, expect that others will put their heart into their time and interactions with you.

They probably won’t, because most people aren’t so eager and energetic to bite off a piece of the world and run with it like myself, and like maybe you are.

Put your heart into everything and you will see how very little gumption and pizazz others have, which will totally disappoint you because people. Are. Boring!

3-Expect things from others

If you expect things from others, you will only be disappointed when you realize that other people are only consistent in one way: how often they will bring you down. Expect things from yourself, and yourself only. Maybe expect respect from your kids. Certainly. But everyone else? Expect something and you will be crying a river while watching the Golden Girls…and eating a pint load of ice cream!

4-Be a pushover

Let people do whatever they want to you, and you will surely be disappointed.

But whose fault is it?

Yours my friend. Yours.

5- Be trusting and naive

Expect a glorious ending, and you are apt to not get it. Expect a rough and tumble journey, and you’ll get it.

We can’t all have fairy tale lives, so just enjoy the fairy tale moments when you get them

What’s the most important lesson here?

Don’t disappoint yourself. That is heartbreaking.

Other people? Expect it. When someone does go beyond your expectations, you will have multiples.

Multiple Orgasms, that is.

Just continue to be awesome, and don’t fret when others suck.

You’re beautiful. All of you.


One thought on “How to Be Disappointed by Others: 5 Easy Tips

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast says:

    I think some would actually regret their behavior if they were to watch themselves while their peers were watching. Another funny thing is the commercials with the actors talking about sexual assault. And I agree with the premise but I find it ironic the people delivering it.

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