The Case For Oral Sex: Why you gotta hate ladies?

In marriage, relationships, sex on January 18, 2014 at 7:01 pm

For some reason, one of the biggest rumors or gossip I hear from other wives/partners/girlfriends is that the ladies hate going down south. Not for vacations, but for oral sex. Is true guys? Assuming yes, here goes.

I for one know, that well, not all of you men deserve it frankly. And I’ve had some pretty god-awful experiences associated with the act, some of which scorned me for years and provided me with PTSD-flashbacks. Imagine a guy forcing you or physically harming you because you wouldn’t do the act. Those are a few of the memories that come to mind when I think of oral sex. I could have refused to do it for a lifetime, and frankly, no one could really blame me.

But with that said, I refuse to let a bunch of scumbags from my youth deter me from enjoying something that can be rather pleasurable. I also refuse to let all of my bad memories ruin my life or sex life, because sex is fun. It’s awesome!

Just don’t get pregnant kids. Unless you’re financially ready, emotionally stable, and willing to be awake all. The. Time.

It’s almost as if some women–not all– believe that giving oral sex is a chore, and mind you if a guy tastes awful or is well, a bit hard to navigate, it can take the kind of effort that let’s face it, you may not want to do.

But without further adieu, here are three reasons why I think you should go down on your dude tonight.

1- It will make him happy

Don’t you want your partner to be happy? Happy men means happy women or men.

Happy men spend money. Happy men do chores. Happy men pick up their dirty laundry.

Happy men return the favor.

Enough said.

2- Just because you bagged the guy doesn’t mean you can get lazy

Now that you married/snagged him, now you think all fun and games are done?


If you have that attitude, your sex life will suck, he will cheat, you will be miserable. Etc.

Keep the heat on, otherwise the love gets cold. Besides, would you want him to stop getting you off once he’s “claimed” you? I think not.

3- It’s not nice damnit

It’s just kind of selfish, and not very lady-like of you to do that.

Plus remember, happy men do what we ask.

If you are a woman who enjoys oral sex or who doesn’t but takes one for the team, hurrah!

If you really freaking hate it, and have been traumatized. A guy should understand. Rape and abuse are hard to get past. Trust me.

However, here are a few tips to help enjoy it:

add chocolate sauce. Just watch out if he’s got sensitive skin.

try to prep him before hand…it will shorten the act. If you don’t know how…um, shit. You’re in trouble.

ask him to “finish” somewhere else other than in your mouth.

Thank you, and may your men be happy and your heart be light.

xoxo with chocolate sauce and whipped cream preferably,


  1. I think it is worth unpacking why women say they like (or don’t like) giving oral. Frankly I find it hard to believe anyone truly loves the act it self – just like few men like giving women oral. This is for the simple reason that there is no sensation associated with it. I still think women can love giving oral but what they love is pleasing their partner, seeing their partner in exctasy, the thought of reciprocity.

    This may be a distinction without a difference but I mention it as I think it means goo oral sex, like good sex overall is much more likely in a good relationship where each partner cares about pleasing the other.

  2. I absolutely LOVE giving oral to both sexes. The idea that the giver gets no physical pleasure out of it is silly. With a woman there is the taste, the touch, the feel, the anticipation of getting more of you inside…not to mention that you please her and make her feel good, and get her excited for more. With men it can be more of a chore, and less sensual/pleasurable, but I still love it for all the reasons list in the blog post, and the fact that to the guy you’re with, while you’re doing it you are a god/goddess…what’s not to love about that?

    • I love your openness, and I do think that their are people who do love it! I’ve just heard about so many that don’t, which makes me say what you said–you’re making the person feel great, the person who you care about!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Thanks for writing! I’ve never been with/talk to a woman who admitted to hating oral, but I know they are out there. I have had one partner that would do it, but would never let me finish in her mouth. But I’ve also had another woman partner who really loves doing it, and I know of other women who really enjoy going down on their guy. Ultimately people (of either gender) really run the full range in their tastes and interests. If we all focused on being nice to each other, we’d all be a lot better off!

      • Being nice is key, and sometimes, it’s hard work! 🙂

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