Fighting Fair: How to avoid the frying pan to the head when arguing

Boxing Gloves

Sometimes it’s not very easy to stay calm when your partner has pissed you off or hurt you.

It takes a lot for me to stay angry with anyone; I’m a mush like that, and am known for being a softie, unless someone has created continual damage repeatedly. Once that has happened, getting a ticket back into my show is not easy. While I will extend the invite, I will do it cautiously, but it takes a whole lot for me to get to that point because I’m too nice.

In an argument, I’m not one to get nasty unless backed into a corner or degraded. In general, nastiness is not my weapon but rather shutting down, exiting the conversation, or becoming defensive. None of those things are really helpful. I have used guilt from time-to-time as well, hee hee. Jewish roots you might say, but I think I acquired that skill from my mother, who’s Irish and Scottish.

After much thought, debate, and experience, I decided I should write a piece on how to fight fair, and here it is in Ocean Happening. Please share and read!

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