The Seduction of Words

Literature lust. Dirty Talk. Thick and Big…19th century novels.

Late night conversations. Whispers. Meaty memoirs and well-crafted sonnets.

The feeling a person gets when cradling a thick novel full of endless possibilities, failures, and triumphs.


There is nothing more seductive than meeting a stranger, (in the world of the novel or memoir) and seeing where this stranger will take you physically, emotionally, possibly sexually, and literally/metaphorically.

What I love most about books is someone else who shares the same passion for reading. For entering into a world in which only the author has control, and you my friend, is meant to take the trip as they set the stage.

Books and conversation. Deep meaningful conversation. Quiet whispers. Lustful statements. Bold directives. Shy questions.

There is nothing (to me at least) more powerful than the word, written or verbal.

This makes relating to my sometimes verbally-impaired folks of the male world hard, unless they are loquacious and bold, or very crafty with the few words they do say.

Poetry makes fabulous use of sparse words. You don’t need to be garrulous to be a good conversationalist, but knowing how to play with words is an art. An art of seduction.

Each time I open a book, (I don’t do e-books usually) or engage in a conversation with someone I am opening myself up to the possibility of persuasion. Temptation. Permissiveness. Authority. Vulnerability.   Heartache. Love. Hatred.

Dare I say it, being able to use words is a gift both in written and verbal form that can never be taken away, no matter how digital our world becomes.

Words have the power to heal, hurt, seduce, and beguile.

I will never understand someone who truly hates reading and talking. What would I be if I couldn’t read or talk? If I couldn’t write?

I would be lonely.

When I open a book, I am not alone but rather, I am enraptured (if the book is good) with the author and his or her story. I am seduced by this person.

When someone tells me something, I am not alone, I am following their lead, possibly about to take the conversation in a new direction. I can be submissive or dominant.

I am in lust over words and the power they bring.

Faithfully devoted to the art of verbage,



3 thoughts on “The Seduction of Words

  1. surabhinair says:

    I feel like running to ‘Crosswords’ , grab an awesome novel, sit on my swinging wicker chair and smell the sweet scent of the pages, waiting to inject their potent addictive charm on me!!

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