If he isn’t chasing you, he doesn’t want you: Men 101

This is going to be one of my most useful, but fastest blogs to write to date.

If a man isn’t chasing you, he doesn’t want you.

If you are married or dating and he doesn’t actively want to have sex with you, he doesn’t want you.

Don’t give things up to a man too easily, unless of course, you just want something for the night, or he’s your husband and you’d like him to listen to you–for once.

Men like the chase. Whether you believe in evolution or not, (I do) men like to work hard to attain something. It makes them feel special, as if they’re on top of the food chain.

Oh wait, eek! Here comes a bear bitch.

Don’t make it too easy at first, and if you already have, back off a bit.

Men like the hunt. If the modern day man could, he’d grab a woman by her hair and drag her back to his case, but with the rise of feminism and good-old fashion common sense, that crap doesn’t happen.

You don’t have to snub a man or be cold, but you do have to let them play the leader. It makes them feel more masculine and in charge, even if they’re not, and if you are a female who likes men, you know they are not. Of course, if he’s a submissive, then he’ll want you to dominate in the bedroom, but in general–as a whole, men are programmed to want to hunt while you gather your resources milady.

Of course, you can just say screw this crap and refuse to play games, but remember, boys, I mean, men like their games.

And there’s something fun about the thrill of the chase.

It’s not like you’re so turned on by the stalker guy who is begging you to please hold his hand, are you? It’s not all that cute when stalker boy materializes out of thin air just as you’re wiping your butt, is it?

Worship is good, but slavery is not, unless you’re in chains.

And the fact is, if a man isn’t chasing you and doing every possible thing he can to prove that he is worthy of your attention and adoration–and oh yes, he must adore you as well–this is imperative– then say sayonara to the dude. He’s probably a lazy douche anyway.

Running like the wind so they can’t catch me,


6 thoughts on “If he isn’t chasing you, he doesn’t want you: Men 101

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast says:

    I especially like the part about giving us space and letting us (pretend) to be in control. One troubling aspect of the early 80s was the social neutering of males. And to some extent women have themselves to blame for that. So yes, you hit the nail on the head.

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