Anatomically-correct baby dolls: Parents, what’s the big deal?

So the other day I took my daughter to a popular children’s museum that has tons of hands on play and fun for the little ones. My daughter will be three at the end of March, so when she saw the Doctor section for people, (she likes the vet station too) she made a beeline for the babies, doctor gear, instruments, etc.

She’s very into playing doctor, and easily transitioned into all the noise and chaos to start playing. Well, we picked up a baby and took off his blanket to re-wrap him, when what to my eyes appears a penis.

Not another man’s penis, but the doll’s penis.My first thought was, “Oh, pretty cool. I wasn’t expecting that. Good job, Discovery Museum for putting out anatomically-correct baby dolls of all different races.”

Baby doll

I looked around to see if there were female appropriate genitalia on any of the dolls, and yes, indeed there was, although to be honest, the depiction of the female genitalia was not totally correct. There were some details missing, which I will delve into soon.

Well, as my daughter and I were talking care of the baby boy, another group of women and kids came over to play, and what did they see?


On a DOLL!

“Wow, well, look at that!” the one mom cried.

She looked at me as if I too, was going to share in her “Oh my god” moment with her.

I wasn’t.

Quite frankly, the first time I pulled my Ken doll’s pants down, I was a little shocked to see that wow, Ken didn’t have an anything. And the first  and only time my neighbor showed me his penis, (he was a child too—it was the innocent “show me mine and I will show you yours game”) I remember thinking, “Oh. Huh. Weird.”

I had never seen a penis before, and it wouldn’t be many years later until I saw another. And when I did, I was creeped out, to be totally honest. Mainly because I was too young to be intimate with someone, and also because I wasn’t used to the sight of a penis.

Genitals, are genitals. There is nothing dirty or disgusting about them. Sure, you shouldn’t go around flashing everyone or masturbating in the middle of the subway when no one has clearly asked you to, and of course, having respect for one another’s bodies is important, but they’re not filthy.

We treat genitals as if there are taboo. Disgusting. Shameful.

How do we expect kids to have respect, understanding, and pride in themselves as sexual beings if we as adults, are too embarrassed or ashamed of a friggin plastic baby doll penis? If we are too ashamed to talk about sex in a healthy manner. And remember, our genitals are not just for sex, although hey. that’s the awesome part. They’re for other things too.

Like going to the bathroom. 😉

I use the proper words around my daughter for genitals, and I am not ashamed of a doll with a dick. Or a vagina. Not a woo-woo or a va-jay-jay, but a real 100% genuine VAGINA.

If I teach her to be disgusted and ashamed, that will only come back to hurt her.

And may I add that it bothered me slightly that the girl doll was not entirely correct. Why are people so afraid of vaginas?

What is so scary about them?

If you think yours is ugly, (maybe it is, hell, I am not a judge of Vaginas) maybe it is because you were raised to not look “down there” or touch yourself. A vagina or a penis is not ugly. It’s not always that pretty, um yes…not all are created equal, sure, but when we make a part of our body as this unmentionable and “filthy” or “weird” zone, there is no way for us to be fully accepting of ourselves as a sexual being.

And it bothers me that female genitals have this bad rap.

Ladies, if you’ve never seen your genitals up close, I implore you to grab a mirror, and take a look. Get to know yourself.

Say, “Hi vagina, I’m X. Nice to meet you.”

Okay, so probably 90% of you hate me now and think I am a liberal feminist crazy-person who thinks everyone should share vagina and dick photos, but that’s not what I am saying. Just don’t be creeped out by your body or teach your kids to be.


If you don’t want a baby doll with a dick, that’s cool. I understand, but could we all just not be so grossed out by our bodies?


Signed, a lady who has looked at her vagina a few times and whose daughter knows that babies grow in a uterus, not a belly.



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