How to tell if a woman wants to have sex with you

Usually men want to have sex.


Depends on the lady, and it can be complicated.

Here’s a simple guide to follow when trying to decide if a woman wants to have sex with you…or not.

Look, here they are: all ready to have you! Ha, just kidding.


Playing with her hair

Unless it’s a nervous habit–and it might be, you could be one creepy mutha f*#ker, she might want to have sex with you.

Especially if she’s leaning in close.


Is she sending you partially nude selfies or mostly nude selfies?

She probably wants to have sex with you. And maybe a bunch of other people, but that’s none of your beeswax.

Dry-humping of any kind

If there is any dry-humping going on, she is definitely ready for you to enter her holy temple.

That, or she is a 12 year-old girl who is trying to figure out why that feels so damn good!

Dirty Talk

Unless she is a tease, and teasing can be fun, she probably wants to act out all of our fantasies…on someone.

Maybe you. Who knows? Give it a try, cowboy.

Asking for a nude or mostly nude massage

This is an invite,or she just has a sore back.

In which case, it’s kinda cruel if she’s gotten nude, but hey, you’re a man and not an animal. No means no, but hopefully she is interested in saying, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh–yes.”

With you.

Stay the Night

If she asked you to stay the night, chances are she doesn’t want to watch chick-flicks and put on a face mask with you dumb-dumb.

Come prepared.

If you don’t know what that means, schedule a private consultation with me, okay?

I hope this little tutorial will serve you well in life and in bed.

Stay tuned for signs she doesn’t  want to have sex with you, penned by moi. Come follow your new guru on Facebook. I will be thrilled to have more pupils.

And if you’re terribly devoted to me, which you should be, stalk me on Twitter.

I’m lonely and need company.


Signed a fan of dry-humping and hair-playing,



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