Fathers: Say no to your daughters


I recognize that me saying this will probably do nothing to change the world, or change fatherhood. I recognize that as the owner of a vagina, I am powerless to what men do, unless I punch them hard. And that would mean breaking a nail…so nevermind.

As I move on, I implore Dads everywhere to hear my cry! The cry of a mother. Of an ex-teacher.

Daddy’s little girl is the saying. Nothing will change that bond or feeling. And a father is pivotal to a little girl’s self-esteem. A father’s love and respect for the women and girls around him is crucial for a daughter to see. But that’s not what I am talking about.

Men. Dads. Ahem.


We need you to grow some balls.

A little spoiling is understood, but for the love of a naked quiet man, could you possibly not say “Yes” to your daughter all the time?

Could you not indulge her when she is having a tantrum simply because let’s face it, listening to a temper tantrum is akin to getting your balls cut off. It’s painful.

Fathers: could you hold your ground, instead of letting your daughter walk all over you all the time?

Now and again, sure. Of course. Indulge. She is daddy’s little girl. But if you always let her win, she will become Daddy and Mommy (and the World’s) Little Monster.

You don’t want your daughter growing up feeling entitled or frustrated when she does not get her way. Angry, when people tell her no. Pushing others to the point of no return. Giving up when she does not automatically hear yes or meet her goals easily.

Expecting everything from everyone, and then feeling let down all the time.

I say this to Dads because time and again, I see dads and grandfathers constantly caving into their little girls because they’re soft for them.  It’s often the Mom playing the role of the strong man.

There’s nothing wrong with being soft. By all means, show your affection! But when your child is melting down because she didn’t get her way…let her learn to live with those feelings and process them.

Otherwise, you will have just birthed another pain-in the ass, another bridezilla. Another pseudo-annoying-celeb with a diet plan or tacky clothing line.

Let her be Daddy’s Little Girl.

Just not Daddy’s Little Monster.

With doughnuts and a severe talking to,

The Bad Cop

2 thoughts on “Fathers: Say no to your daughters

  1. candidkay says:

    My father had six of us girls to contend with (and my mother!). He managed to survive and I don’t think any of was too spoiled:). We joke he’ll one day be canonized a saint.

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