Tell Me a Story Mommy: Take One More Moment for Parenthood

Whenever my daughter gets on the potty, she wants to hear a story. Most often, she doesn’t even want to go on the potty, but wants to hear you recount story after story…after story.

Don’t get lazy and skip details.

Don’t forget to add dramatic emphasis.

Don’t you dare try to move the story ahead quickly.

You will be met with a stern look, and a complaint or fifty.

As she tries to filibuster and avoid the task at hand, I try to shove off the stories at times, and rush her along.

But what good is it to do that?

What harm is done, in telling, just one more story.

Children learn through repetition. Story-telling teaches children so much: action & consequence, order of events, the art of drama (some of us are just born with it, of course!), memorizing details, how to process emotions, etc.

Instead of rushing through the moments with our children that can truly be a pain in the ass at times, we need to take a moment and stop. We need to ask ourselves, ‘What is my child getting from this?” “What is so important about what I have to do next, that it can’t be put off for just another five minutes?” Most of us are not about to head into brain surgery, so I am pretty sure that going to bed, the gym, waking the baby, folding laundry, etc, can all wait just one more minute.

Sometimes, it’s not about the big events we did with our kids all day, or the special prize we got him or her. Sometimes, it’s just spending one more minute, telling that story, playing that song, building another tower, or climbing a tree.

Take just one more minute Mom and Dad. Your child is learning and loving, and that one minute is a deposit in your child’s heart.


Telling Stories and getting in trouble for adding Feminist endings to traditional Fairy Tales


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