Don’t be intimidated by a more experienced woman, men

This is going to be short and sweet, like me, because I haven’t been sleeping much and my eyes are killing me…

Men. Or Women who love women, or who love women part of the time, or just sometimes, when they’re bored.

Don’t be intimidated by a more experienced women. And here’s 4 reasons why you shouldn’t be…


It’s nice to have a teacher. Have you ever seen the Graduate?

A women with experience will know what she’s doing, and be direct about what she wants. Imagine that: a woman who is direct without speaking in multiple passive-aggressive tongues and hints.

Plus, isn’t it nice to have a hands-on tutorial?

I thought so.

Someone has to know what he/she is doing

Chances are you don’t, so as long as she does, you’ve got a good shot of having some serious fun.

Kill your ego

Don’t be all insecure and feel down about yourself because she’s handled some pretty hot scenarios and the kinkiest thing you ever did was watch porn with the lights on. Your kink and experience factor doesn’t make you a man: it’s your demeanor, willingness to please, and respect for women that will do it.

If you’re recently out of the closet or discovered you’re bi-curious or a lesbian, don’t worry. Remember, “most” women are empathetic to these types of things, so you don’t need to be shy or feel awkward. There’s a first time for everything, and everyone has to start somewhere. The first time I kissed a boy, the jerk spit all over me–my hair, face, and body. He did that because I hadn’t wanted to really “french” kiss him at 12 years old. I was way too young.

Most people won’t be a jerk like that. Most people get that when approaching the sexual unknown, people get nervous.

She won’t be the idiot with some random object stuck in her, you-know-where

An experienced woman doesn’t make foolish choices or risky ones that could lead to bizarre ER visits or other god-awful things. When you’re with this woman, you’re in good hands.

Instead of being insecure or feeling like you’re less than, worship her, and bring her truffles.

Bow to me,

(just kidding)




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