‘Cause I’m a Blonde: Bubbly & Blonde does not equal dumb

I smile a lot. I even wear pink and red. Okay, I lied. I wear LOTS of pink and red. I might have even had pink hair at one time. I do own a pair of hot pink converse. I do like matching toe and nail polish. I absolutely detest lint on clothing, beading material on sweaters, being seen in sweats when it’s not at my home, the gym, or the doctor’s office, and grouchy people.

I might even giggle loudly.

I even smile and sometimes say hello to strangers. I’m nice to everyone: from the person who makes my tea to the dude who takes out the garbage, I’m nice.

And look: do you see?


That’s me. I get highlights, but the blonde is natural. A level 9, if you wanna know, and you know hair color. That’s right. I am a beauty product whore, adore highlights, can’t stand chipped polish, and like sexy lingerie.

I’m not Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, but wouldn’t you know it, people sure think I might be.

Just because someone smiles and likes frivolous stuff like, Hello Kitty t-shirts and free skincare samples, does not mean I am a twitrag.

Or an idiot.

I can dish, discuss, and dissect with the best of you.

Dissect thoughts and literature. Not frogs.

Yuck, no thanks.

I might be girly, and I might even be silly, but I would rather be humorous and passionate, than be serious all the time.

What is it like to have a stick up your ass? Inquiring minds need not apply, as I’d rather not find out. I went to an Ivy League school, and I can go all hipster or serious academic if you like at any point, but is there anything wrong with living life by your dreams and your heart?

And while I might be as light as a champagne bubble in public, you don’t know what I am going through privately. I just choose to not be a boring ass, uptight “serious” citizen.

The word citizen is only used by senior citizen, or for people who feel so seriously, all the time.

Me? I need to live life by my metaphorical balls. I have to run, shake, and move with things. I can be as intense as a mother ‘effer, so don’t doubt that, but there has to be some fun in the day.

If you have ever seen a child at play, you know what joy is.

Well, I experience the same joy when I eat a piece of chocolate, make a new friend, catch a smile from someone, or get a great bra.

Or a new book.

Life is too short to not feel things, especially, not joy.

But just because I am smiling at you, does not mean I am stupid, frivolous, or an idiot.

I will eat you for breakfast, and burp you up smiling.


A very serious blonde who has to attend to serious matters, such as getting more beauty sleep.

xoxo and fluffy hearts and moons!

PS. I don’t dot my “i’s” with hearts either!

Find my fluffy blonde cuteness here on Twitter. Please put our initials on a tree too.



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