One snobby mom begets another…snobby kid

I really cannot stand snobbery. Even if I eventually don’t like a person, I am most often always nice to a person initially. There’s no need to assume you are better than someone, and if you think you are, chances are, you definitely aren’t.

But what really pushes my easily-aroused buttons, are moms who are snotty little biotches. When you take your kid to a public playgroup or storytime, chances are you should expect other people to talk to you and your kid. Well, apparently this princess didn’t.

This one mother who attends a public storytime that my daughter and I go to, never says “boo” to anyone. Here we are, just me & my kid, and her & her kids, and she says nothing. Week after week, I will make small talk if we are stuck alone with her and her brood, and it seems as if it is painful for her to say anything. And not in the, ‘she has a social issue or is on the spectrum or shy’ way, but the ‘you’re not good enough for me, and neither is your kid kind of way.’

My daughter did try to engage her the other week, “See my pretty dress,” she told her.

Inside my head I was like, ‘I hope she responds to her,’ and she did, thank god, but it just bugs me to no end when I have to deal with snootiness like this.

Even her kids barely said a word. Maybe they are shy. Or maybe they are just copying learned behavior from their snotty mom!

Playgroups and storytimes are really designed for children to socialize. If you don’t want you or your kid to have to talk to anyone else because you are so special and no one is worth talking to, stay home, so none of us have to deal with your attitude. My kid doesn’t understand why you don’t want your kids to mix with others. We are here to teach kids how to communicate with each other…so you might want to work on it yourself too, lady.

I am all for respecting people who are shy or socially awkward or even anxious, but being a bitch does not qualify for my understanding.

I am not better than anyone, besides, okay, definitely Hitler, although he’s dead…and I am definitely better than a serial killer or psychopath, but in general…we all rot in the same place, and shit the same way.

Be a little friendly.

Lovingly and Kind Regards to even the bitchiest-bitch-ass moms who make me wish I could just hang with the dads all day (besides, they’re cuter),


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