So I don’t wear yoga pants and I’m loud: Be my friend Mothers!

In friendship, motherhood on February 27, 2014 at 3:22 am

I don’t wear yoga pants unless I am at the gym.

I arrive at my daughter’s early morning dance class in makeup and “clothes” that aren’t yoga pants or sweat-suits.

I might be totally cool with my daughter being loud in public sometimes also.

I might also join her.

That might have been me, singing broadway in a Target store, but I will never tell.

I might not love cooking, and I might just find all of reality television to be the death of me, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be my friend, mothers.

For some reason, I find that because I am outgoing and extroverted, and have a tendency to not show up in public looking disheveled and to publicly state that you could probably lick my floors without contracting a disease and in fact, may end up healthier for it, that some moms might not be quick to befriend me.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I am just self-conscious because it’s super easy for me to ask people for playdates and make small talk, that I feel as if others don’t like me if they don’t make an active chance to get to know me.

Either way, yes, I am not your conventional person. I am not your conventional mom.

I have aptly trained my daughter to adore chocolate truffles and sometimes I laugh when she says, “Boobies.

It’s called having fun.

Join me. I don’t bite.

Kind regards from a woman whose spank is worse than her arm wrestling moves & whose tendency to organize her underwear by color reflects why her house is so neat,


  1. […] the three of us as a family. We look so cute and freshly groomed. Remember, I don’t go out in yoga pants. I know, hate me. So the whole family is at a table at a restaurant, waiting to give our order, […]

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