5 Awesome Reasons to have only 1 child, and some of them are sexy

Everyone likes to tell me day in and day out how, “There has to be two. Kids need a sibling.”

One might be the supposed loneliest number, but it takes two to fight, and three to make an all out war.

It’s something I’ve written about before, and while there are a lot of great reasons to have siblings, I’m kind of tired of hearing about it. The fact is, having an only child can be kick-ass awesome. Here are some incredibly legit reasons, some of which are sexy, to stop at number one.

We don’t always love our siblings

Not everyone loves his or her sister or brother. Sometimes a sibling comes along that causes just enough strife in the family to mess up the whole dynamic. In theory, it would be nice if little brother and sister were best buds but guess what, sometimes siblings hate each other.

Sorry, but true.

Double Strollers are not sexy

I saw a woman pushing a double stroller the other day, and I instantly felt relief that I had one kid, a nice outfit on, and deodorant under my “pits.” Yeah, when you’ve got a brood, creature comforts like brushing your teeth and hair can be a feat in itself. I was happy to be relatively stress-free, and not driving a mini-van.

Hey, having one kid means less muck up the environment with my smaller car.

Thumbs up to the bitches who say my kid needs a baby brother or sister. I am saving the environment!

Independent and strong

While I have met a few dependent only children, it is more often than not that only children are independent and shown to thrive later on in life.

See? They survive without someone to steal their clothes, shoes, and smack them around during childhood. Life isn’t all that bad as an only.

Banging for procreation: done!

Remember how fun it was saying, “Hey honey, I’m ovulating, get the f*#k home!”

Or, “I don’t care, just finish already…” while you hold your legs up for 20 minutes to let the sperm do its magic?

Not sexy. Not fun. God awful.

Now sex can be sex, for sex’s sake. Always.

No more being pregnant

Your body is yours. If you were like me and had a severe illness, like hyperemesis, you never have to be sick again.

My boobs, never have to leak again.

I never have to ask someone else to shave my public hair because I can’t see over my belly, and don’t want to go into labor with a ridiculous bush.


I have found most only children to be close to their parents, and I am incredibly tight with my daughter. I don’t feel like sharing my love with another, and I can’t undergo another pregnancy anyway, physically.

It’s like having a best friend.

But better.

And a bit messier, and sometimes, she hits me with her head. Accidentally, of course.

Time for the couple

Less kids, more time with couple. More time, means more fun, unless you hate each other.

More fun, means travel, play, and sex.

More sex.

I did just say sex, right?

The Naysayers

My kid will survive without a sibling. Kids need love, not necessarily little siblings to torture them. Siblings are great, but 2 isn’t for everyone. In fact, I’m a small lady, and I like my intimate circles to be top notch. I’m pleased with the company I’m in, and happy that I will never carry a bucket seat infant carrier again in my life.

Although I did like the breast feeding.

In honor of the only, have sex tonight, just for fun, and not for making babies.



15 thoughts on “5 Awesome Reasons to have only 1 child, and some of them are sexy

  1. OneCurvyBlogger says:

    Once you are the middle child of two brother, having siblings can get old very fast… As much as I love my brothers (when they are not around each other and only when I’m in a good mood), I’ve had many fleeting “I wish I were an only child” moments, myself.

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Ah, yeah…I am the fourth of four. It is fun, but it seems like people with less kids, the kids get a bit more from the parents, but that could just be my experience! I admire those with many kids who do it well. For me, my health gave me one, and now I am enjoying it πŸ™‚

  2. Amy says:

    I just have the one… Best decision I’ve ever made!! We have little friends over to play then I pack em up and ship them back to their squabbling siblings. My gorgeous 10 year old gets everything she wants, spoilt rotten is a term that springs to mind, as my hard-earned dollars are for one… Not 2 or 3! We drive a sexy little sports car not a big, family mover. Life is peaceful, fun and organised (well, organised chaos anyway) Great post x

  3. Shannon says:

    I appreciate your post, but disagree. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my double stroller (we have twins) and we actually have more sex now with three kids than we did with one because we know that opportunities are fleeting so we always take advantage of them. But I know its different for everyone. Cheers!

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Oh I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a double stroller either…I just don’t want to push one myself! πŸ™‚ You have to understand that many people applaud people for having more than 1 kid…when people have none or just 1, others love to comment constantly. Maybe if I had healthy pregnancies…and more money/time, it would be an option..for now, I certainly don’t envy the responsibilities others have with multiple kids πŸ™‚ I do think it’s awesome you guys are having more sex. That is fantastic, and a true testament to your commitment πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for reading! Was nice to hear your opinion πŸ™‚

      • Shannon says:

        Well when you have twins having one kid isn’t even an option lol. (Actually they were #2 and #3). Hey, my motto is do what works for you and if that’s one sure. Being a sibling I felt very strongly that I wanted to have kids plural. And it wasn’t easy for me either, over a year of fertility treatments and 10 thousand dollars and losing a baby so you can probably relate to what a blessing my kids are. It’s funny because I feel like people look down on me for having three kids since most people only have one, two max. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

      • frommtvtomommy says:

        I can relate…lost a baby or two myself. For me, I get too ill, and the risks are too high. I could try again…but not sure that would be the smartest choice. I still have flashbacks from my last pregnancy, it was that bad. I was one of 4 and thought she’d have a sibling, but now I am really happy with 1 actually! I am grateful, and now at the point of pursuing things for me, and enjoying her early childhood! Enjoy those babies…sorry it was so rough for you! πŸ™‚ xo

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