Are you a newly-engaged man? Don’t run away yet

In humor, marriage, men on March 12, 2014 at 2:21 am

All people seem to care about are the females when it comes to the idea of wedding chimes.

“Oh the bride-to-be’s ring is so amazing!”

‘What dress will you wear?”

“When is the date?”

“Are you having a big wedding…or a small wedding?”

Yet no one gives two flying  you know what’s  about the dudes. You’re about to undergo a big life change too, but unless you plan on wearing a dress or throwing a fit over flower arrangements, no one will make a reality show about the husband-to-be.

Here’s a little sweet advice from your favorite spunky and fresh-mouthed blonde, me.

Read my article here.

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That’s an order, not a question. 🙂

One woman who gives new meaning to the words ball and chain,



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