We Are More Than Our Boobs: A Memo From Women to Men

Dear Men:

We have noticed you noticing our boobs.

Boobs are great, aren’t they?

Even gay men admire boobs.

Boobs give life, give lust, and are great placeholders for bikinis.

Boobs are scintillating, small, perky, droopy, large, flat, pointy-nippled, pink-nippled, brown-nippled, inverted-nippled, hairy-nippled, lopsided, one-sided, fake, real, and full.

We don’t blame you for looking. Sometimes, we look at our own.

Sometimes, we check out other women’s boobs too. It can be fun.

It can be rude.

It can be hard not to.

But with that said, we’d like you to know that there is more to us than our boobs.

We are people.

We have hearts, necks, navels, scrapes, hips, thighs, toes, knees, and ankles.

Where are they?

Below the boobs.

We have eyes, pock-marks, noses, ears, moles, lips, teeth, zits, hair, and collar bones.

Where are they?

Above the boobs.

We are like you–we think, drive, eat, snort, fart, shit, read, laugh, fuck, tickle, tinkle, dance, stretch, sleep, and pontificate.

Yet for some reason, you cannot see us for who we are above the equator (BOOBS).

Staring is rude, yet despite what you’ve been taught you cannot stop mostly because you have forgotten that we are people.

That we want you to listen to what we have to say because we’re important, even if we are burdened with our boobs.

You know, the things you stare at as I try to have a deep and engaging conversation with you?

You know, the things you gawk at while I try to ask you a basic question?

We’re people with ideas of value and worth.

We’re people with something to say.

We’re people who think more quickly and adeptly than you, even with our boobs heaving on our delicate chests.

By the way, if you look again, my boobs will still be there.

I hope you don’t mind if we ask you to leave your male members hanging out of your pants so we can gawk at you.

We wouldn’t want you to feel objectified though.


A woman who wants to gawk at you like you gawk at her.


6 thoughts on “We Are More Than Our Boobs: A Memo From Women to Men

  1. pulpfictionme says:

    I can’t say enough, how much I love this blog post!! Very well articulated, and reveals how we should all look at each other as humans. I wish to also extend this to any race, gender, or color, that I hope the world can begin to see all people as humans. Great post 🙂

  2. Myth and Mr.E says:

    Yes. Got me there.
    Sight of a boob always cheers me up.
    Because I KNOW that right beside that boob …
    Is probably another
    Of similar personality.

    Remember: Spreading joy is an awesome gift.
    Let’s encourage magnanimity (not a dirty word).
    — Mr.E

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