How to Break-Up With a Woman You Are Casually Dating: Dating Etiquette

I hear my guy friends all the time complain to me or discuss with me how they’re just not that “into her” but they don’t know how to tell the woman.

Half of the time, these men want to dump a woman in the nicest way possible, but most of the times, they end up making more gaffes than they should and end up hurting the person they’re attempting to be nice to.

So without further adieu, I present to you, the ultimate  quick and easy guide in how to dump someone you’re casually dating, nicely. Truth be told this applies to men to, but more so for men dating women.

The Slow Drop Off

You know the drill. You stop calling. Text a little less. See her less frequently. You figure you’re being nice by not telling her outright that it’s done. You figure she’s catching the hint.

You’re dead wrong, you putz.

She’s thinking, ‘What can I do to get him back? What did I do wrong? Why is he pulling away?”

“Maybe he’s just busy,” or “Maybe he’s afraid of commitment.”

Women analyze and overthink.

Just be straight out: I want to be friends or I don’t want to pursue this any longer. You’re lovely, but this is not the right fit for me. I’m sorry.

Texting Coward

It’s shitty to do it on the phone. Classless. Tacky.

Tell her in person. Will it be harder? Yes. Will she cry? Possibly. Will you feel like a turd? Probably.

But be a man and show her the respect: don’t dump via text.

At the very least, do it over the phone but in person is more respectful, in my humble blonde opinion.

Opening Doors

All of a sudden you want to sexually experiment with her. Open the doors to other people because you’re not 100% committed to her, and this will allow you to have fun and keep her around.

Don’t be a D*%k.

If you want to fool around, do it, but not under the pretense of a fake relationship or that “maybe” you will commit later.

She’s Hysterical

If she’s really fragile, you need to proceed with caution. Tell her you’re not ready for anything and need to either be friends or end it. Don’t tell her it’s her. Don’t hint it’s her, even if it is her. You’re dealing with a sad, fragile girl. Take the blame and offer to be a friend only if this means you or her will not attempt to have sex together.

Don’t do it! She will take it as a sign you want more, and you damn well know you don’t.

Trust me.

Be nice, kind, and stick to the boundaries. She can’t help if she’s got issues, most likely. And if she can help it, she isn’t, so go easy.

At Work

Well that was a stupid move, but I’m not here to judge. If you’ve been casually dating someone at work, you should tell her you don’t want it to get messier than it could get since you work together. Stop all sexual contact. Delete any emails that could incriminate you if she shows your boss your exchanges.

Even if she is a bitch, do not retaliate. Instead, avoid her at all costs and never date someone at work again, you fool!

Sorry. I only say that because I love you.

Let’s Be Friends

Only say this if you truly mean it. Don’t say it otherwise because then, you look like a jerk who is trying to appease her.

Sex Buddies

If you are both emotionally unattached and enjoying sex together, continue. But if she is attached, you need to quit it. Sorry, I know she’s super fine and sexy, but you’re only asking for a future late night cry fest and screaming match.

Final Message

Be honest. Don’t take advantage of vulnerable people. Be respectful. And most of all, don’t text-dump.


It’s not me. It’s definitely you,


5 thoughts on “How to Break-Up With a Woman You Are Casually Dating: Dating Etiquette

  1. Stephanie Nguyen says:

    Great article Laura! I’ve noticed that sometimes men will take measures to inhibit a woman’s emotional response to a breakup which I think is neither appropriate nor fair to the woman. Here’s a story about this that I think you might appreciate. I had been dating this guy for about a year and he decided to drop the bomb in the middle of a dinner date at a fine dining restaurant. I quickly realized how he had “choreographed” everything by choosing such a venue so that I would restrain my emotions, and even took additional steps, like picking a table in the middle of the room rather than a more private space. So, I turned the tables on him in a big way. First I ordered the most expensive desserts on the menu, one for each of us. Having a degree in the Theatre Arts, I figured I’d make good use of those skills by staging a dramatic exit complete with a fabricated scenario. I exclaimed “I can’t believe you’ve been cheating on me all this time!”. And then I stood up, reached across the table and delivered a hard slap across his face that was heard throughout the room. There was complete silence in the immediate aftermath and all you could hear was the sound of my high heels hitting the hardwood floor as I stormed off. I wonder if he ever ate those desserts I ordered. lol! When I looked back just before exiting the restaurant, he was still sitting there, rubbing his jaw and looking quite disoriented 😉

  2. Stephanie Nguyen says:

    Truth be told I don’t regret it one iota 🙂 And it should be noted that I had the presence of mind to remove his glasses just before administering the slap to prevent them from flying across the room upon impact. He never did thank me for that 😉

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