Sugar and Spice, and not Always Nice: The Strong Will of Girls

Every time I chat with another mother out in the world I hear this: “My daughter…she’s just so ugh! So strong willed!”


“She’s got a mind of her own. She’s stubborn.”

As the daughter of a barn burner–thanks Candid Kay for the phrase–  I’ve had the same struggles. The head-to-head battles with my daughter over the most inane things and at times, it is frustrating.

But that said, I’d rather her be a stubborn mule than a “go with the flow Fanny,” and here’s why:

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Happy Wife, Happy…Ah, You Get To Live: Keeping Your Wife Happy


The saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” for a reason. Women are often but not always, the pillar of the household. She runs the kids (if you have them), chores, social itineraries, and family “master plan.”

Does this mean as a man that you are relatively helpless to our numerous causes and requests?


Okay, well not yes, but to a large degree you ought to consider your wife’s wishes because more often than not, men do not want to do said duties. Besides, women remember everything. We remember when you briefly paused upon first seeing our new haircut ten years ago instead of telling us you loved it. We remember the comments you made about the stripper who gave you a quickie when you were 18. We know everything. We can and will use this in a court or anywhere. Possibly in the middle of Target.

And for better or worse, we tend to argue more effectively, although we can be crazy.

So without further adieu, please read on for ways to keep the crazy calm. Otherwise known as, keeping your wife happy.

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She ordered “Poopy”: the sweet vocabulary of 3 year -olds

Disclaimer: My daughter will be 3 (going on 30) in 19 days, so she’s not technically 3 yet.

Disclaimer part II: Does that matter? Heck no!

I move on.

The other day, there we are the three of us as a family. We look so cute and freshly groomed. Remember, I don’t go out in yoga pants. I know, hate me. So the whole family is at a table at a restaurant, waiting to give our order, when they mid-2o something waitress with her angelic face comes up to the table. An independent “woman,” my daughter isn’t shy with adults, and so she goes to place her order.

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