How to Romance A Woman Whether You’re Just Dating, Married, or Sexing It Up: Romance 101

You’re a man and now you want to get to know a woman better, have her fall for you or quite frankly, just get in her pants.

While I hope you’re not a douchebag, I’m not here to judge why you need to tap into your inner Al Green.

So with that said, here are a few quick and easy tips suitable for men to follow when trying to woo the babe, one-night stand, or future wife of your dreams.

Note: for any additional advice, you’ll have to come to my office. Oh wait, I don’t have an office. You can just visit me on Facebook or stalk my banter on Twitter.

Surprise her

It doesn’t have to be with jewelry although women are known to throw themselves at men for that type of thing or if they have a terrible flu, but surprise her with anything. Her favorite food. Drink.

Take her somewhere new.

Listen to her and when she least expects it, bring her something she’s been talking about–a new book, or take her to a movie she’s been chatting on about.

Change up positions in bed.

Buy her lingerie.

Try something new–a hobby–for yourself.

Inviting something new to the table is helpful for all relationships, but in particular ones that go the distance: long-term relationships–marriage, etc.

Plus, by surprising her it says you listen and pay attention to what she needs or maybe even surpass her and figure out something she didn’t even know that she needs or wants.



I don’t know. It works for me. It helps me relax. Women have a lot on their shoulders and we wear it on our bodies. Muscle knots, tightness, etc….all of these issues are common for us ladies.

Help us forget who are we are and what we deal with for a minute.

This is a good tip when trying to get laid guys.

Hey, I’m always here to advise on sex.


If you’re white, you’re probably already nervous.

Women don’t care if you look like a fool on the dance floor. Well, unless you resemble Vanilla Ice circa 1991.


Dancing involves body contact. Music. Mood lighting.

You get sweaty. She might dress in a sexy outfit.

Whatever you do, don’t sit out on the dance floor, especially if you’re out with her at an event. Then she’ll have to dance with someone else…and it doesn’t make you look good.

If you have a broken leg, you get an exception.

Sexual Positions and more

If you’re going the long term route, don’t fall into that same position pattern. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Have sex in a different location.

Take her out to a hotel.

Change of scenery can do so much.

If it’s a new relationship or you’re just dating or on the road to something more, expand your boundaries together. Develop trust. And ask her what she likes. There’s nothing sexier than a man who takes directions.


Listen to what she has to say. Remember what she says. Pay attention to the small things. They mean everything.


Are nice. But she might not want flowers. Maybe it’s chocolate. Maybe it’s panties.

Find out what makes her wet in the panties to start.

If you can, indulge her in all three.

Remember, Don Juan wasn’t exactly a slacker. He had an agenda and he delivered.


Sade is definitely the smoothest operator around, but pick out the music to set the mood. Music can relax a person and like I said above, women need to relax, and it’s not always easy for us.


Unless she’s under 25, write her a letter or a card.

There’s something incredibly romantic about that. A text or email is great. This is beyond heavenly but then again, I’m a Shakespeare fanatic.

Words are romantic, especially in print.


Don’t be lazy. You want oral, well, put in the effort. Slow it down and take your time with every inch of her.


If she chose to be with you whether it’s for 6 years, 2 hours, or 2 days, she chose to be with you. Puff out that chest hunter and believe in yourself!

Handcuffs, lace, Macbeth, and Dark Chocolate,



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