The Fear of the Unknown

In life, every time we make a decision, we are opening one door…and closing another.

As humans, we tend to stick to things, people, habits, occupations, and scenarios that are comfortable and familiar.

If you’re used to misery, you may seek out misery.

If you’re used to abusive men or women, you may continue to seek those people out as partners.

If you’re used to being passive, you may never hear your own voice or make your own decision.

If you’re used to being pampered, you may seek out things and people that will continue this pattern.

Whatever the case may be whether it’s a good or bad habit/behavior/attachment style…

Making any type of change– small or big, can take days, minutes, months, or years, depending on the situation and the person.

Sometimes though, no matter how afraid we are, we must take the chance and make a change no matter how hard it might be.

With great risk comes great reward, and if we never try anything new or step outside of our comfort zone we will never grow.

So here I am, jumping into the water and hoping that what I find was worth the risk and is abundant in reward.

Fear is not helpful; sure, the fight or flight response helped us in our “primate” days and it’s advisable to be wary of certain things, but to be so afraid that you never take a chance is a shame.

While no one should be reckless, I cannot imagine letting my anxiety hold me back forever.

It’s there. I feel it inside of me. It keeps me up at night sometimes, but I won’t grow into a better Laura without ignoring the fear and saying hello to being decisive.

Take a bite out of something unknown. It might just be the best choice you ever made.


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