I Want You Lloyd Dobler: Real Love, Real Life, Inspired by the Movies


He did martial arts…and hung out with an angry jilted chick with a guitar.

Who doesn’t love Lloyd Dobler?

And while I would prefer my menfolk to have a goal and direction other than following me around on a trip to college, there is something about Lloyd Dobler that makes me say, “Yes. Pick me Lloyd!”

Why I want my real-life Lloyd Dobler (and what men can learn from Lloyd.)


There is no man more genuine (in the movies) than Lloyd. There are no pretenses. No sly moves…other than a nervous act of sexual intercourse in a car. Being genuine and truly authentic to whom you are as a person, is incredibly sexy. Meeting someone who has no BS factor to them is love-worthy, lust-worthy, and awe worthy.

Men: don’t try to be someone you aren’t in order to get the girl. No one is worth sacrificing your identity for. You’ll find someone who loves you as is.


So he didn’t have a lot of money. Did that stop Lloyd Dobler from being romantic. No!

While not everyone wants to be serenaded via radio late at night by someone she just dumped, his persistence, desire, and simple act is enough to make women of all ages throw themselves at his feet.

I want someone who metaphorically speaking, will not give up on me. Who will be a beacon in the dark. A friend in need. A lover with kindness and care.

The radio. The awesome song. It’s mood setting.

It’s a strong gesture and statement…which leads me to

Don’t Be Weak

If you love someone, show the person.

There is nothing indecisive about the desire to blast someone’s eardrums with quite possibly the most romantic song of the 80’s.

Show her with words. Show her without words. With action.

You don’t have to pen her a soliloquy in order for her to feel the romance from you.

Women are complicated yes, but we are also simple in that what we want most is to feel wanted, heard, and respected.

Who doesn’t want that?

Loyal Friends

Listen to your lady friends. They probably know better than you. Lloyd’s gang of gals were able to give him some worthy advice.

A man who finds women worthwhile companions, and not for sex but for friendship, is probably a kick-ass guy.

Karate With Kids

Lloyd loves to throw some kicks down with his nephew in the movie. While he’s not the most mature guy, (at my age, I hope you have a decent car and job although money is not the factor when it comes to choosing a good guy in my opinion) Lloyd is fun loving, and clearly was good with kids.

What woman doesn’t want a guy who can laugh a little? Be good with kids?

Unless of course you’re a woman who hates kids.

My Petition

I’m going to listen to “In Your Eyes” tonight and think about that moment. That moment in which one guy who loves a woman decides he’s going to stand up for her and fight for her.

Everyone should have someone who will fight to have you. Who will stand up and serenade you when you’re feeling down.

Says Anything. All the Time.


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