5 People (Male or Female) NOT to Date

Dating sucks, in my opinion. I never liked it, and am not happy about the idea of doing it again. Maybe I will just collect a pool of Cabana Boys and call it a day.

In any case, after serious thinking and reflection on my life, I have gathered up 4 people, male or female, that you should absolutely, positively NOT date.

Thank me later.

Or run up your therapy bill. See if I care. Wink.

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I Was (You Were) A Bad Mom Today

For whatever reason, I always remember when I mess up as a mom. Not my accomplishments.

The other day, I forgot to pack extra undies in my daughter’s backpack for school. I lambasted myself in true typical Laura fashion, and a wise friend of mine said “Stop thinking of the things you forgot. Think of all the times you remember.”

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Don’t Be Fooled: The Inner Strength of a Woman

At times I can be naive. It is not that I am stupid or inexperienced. I just hope for the best in others because I always do my best by others.

Of course, that golden rule is one many people do not abide by. Some because they’re just jerks, and others because they’re not stable or able to care for themselves, much less another person.

And yes, I have found myself caught by surprise by another person’s actions. I have said, “I never thought X would do Y,” but still… Continue reading

The Language of Women: A Few Basics for Men

Are you there Men? It’s me. Laura. Pint-Sized Blonde Goddess of a Neurotically Warm and Open Nature.

I noticed you complain about how difficult we are to understand.

So true.

So I decided to throw out a few pointers to all of you struggling with women, a woman, or a few women.

Hey, whatever your flavor is your choice. As my dad always says when I ask him what he wants for Father’s Day: “A Blonde, A Brunette, and a Redhead.”

Too bad they don’t come that cheap Dad.

Anyway, I digress. Here are a few basic pointers to keep in the back pocket of your mind the next time you are dealing with a woman.

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