How to Turn Off A Newly Single Woman

Hey Fellas (and Ladies):

I forgot how persistent and blatant you people can be once you suspect or have confirmed that a woman is now a single or potentially single person.

The pick up lines. Comments. Blatant jokes about her new status.

It all seems so cute, doesn’t it?

To you it does.

Not to us.

It’s a little annoying.

If you want to hit on someone, intelligence, verbal mastery, and flattering compliments are more appropriate than outright tawdry crap. You are more apt to get bees that way my darlings.

Otherwise, you will be licking your own wounds after I’ve proverbially or metaphorically, or hell, physically kicked you in the balls.

When you come on so strong like a bull, it feels as if we’ve been this target you’ve been waiting for…just desperately pacing it out until we would be free bait again. Feeling like a hunted creature doesn’t exactly bring out the sexiness in us, FYI.

Usually, it feels a wee bit stalkerish.

Just saying.


Your Very Uninterested “Friend”


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4 thoughts on “How to Turn Off A Newly Single Woman

  1. 1stpeaksteve says:

    In my early dating career, I was terrible at what to do in relationships. If I was in a relationship and we broke up, I would write letters and blah blah blah. I was desperate to win them back.

    Later, with age and experience; my views changed. When someone said it was over I would just say have a great life and see you later. It was normally the other person who would try to stage a return at a future date.

    When I was dating around and met my current fiance, she won me over because she always would call and ask what I was doing and how things were going in my life. She never spoke about love or me taking her out. She lacked the desperation of the parties I had an interest in. One day it just became apparent to me that she was the one I should ask out and be with.

    “Now your grips too strong
    You can’t catch love with a net or a gun” – James, Tomorrow.

    Harassing someone or being forceful will never win someone over. Just be yourself and if the other person thinks you are all that: they will let you know.

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