Mommy’s Day without Daddy

Everyone sent me Mother’s Day texts.

And I was with my daughter. It was a beautiful day.

So why was I so sad?

I can’t speak for everyone who has gotten a divorce or been separated, or who is a single parent, but for me this was a rough day.

It was my first Mother’s Day without a family.

Women uploaded photos upon photos of gifts and family shots.

I spent the day alone with my daughter. We went to the boardwalk with hordes of happy families.

It was bittersweet. It was heartwrenching. My other half was not there and is no more. My dream of a family is gone, burned to the ground in my mind. A failure.

And there was no sweet messages or relaxing massages or celebration for me.

The celebration was the fact that I got to be with my daughter. I got to enjoy the day with her.

But it felt like any other day. It didn’t feel like “Mother’s Day.”

I knew people meant well to wish me a happy Mother’s Day, but how can it be happy when your family life is done? When you are going through something like this?

Single parenthood is not a picnic. I can only imagine what it is like for people whose partners do not care about their children. It must suck, because this sucks, and dad and I are both awesome.

It was very kind to get two sweet cards from dad and my daughter…and chocolates from him.

Grateful to have had such a nice man in my life.

I just hope one day I can reimagine a family life for myself.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Single Mommy’s and Daddy’s acting like mommy’s..

It takes more than genes to parent.

And a big thank you to my almost-ex for the sweet gift and being a great guy.


4 thoughts on “Mommy’s Day without Daddy

  1. miagnilla says:

    A sentimental day. Many of the familydays come in new clothes as divorced. But as with everythingelse, you get used to it and you will find your own way of doing things/celebrate 🙂 happy mothers day to you. a little bit late, I know. In Sweden we have to wait another two weeks 🙂

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