If You Love Someone, Set Them Free. Unless They Happen to be a POW


Love is not meant to be hurtful, painful, or unkind.

It’s also not an act of duty, in my opinion.

It is an act of care, respect, and desire.

Sometimes though that old saying and song that Sting lent his voice to is true.

You have to set someone free and if he or she comes back to you, then you know it is legitimate.

Case in point:


People separate all the time but it doesn’t mean it’s done.

I’ve met people who separate all the time and yet managed to get back together.

It’s because the love was strong enough to compel the two people to work on the issues ahead of them.

If two people separate and there is no desire to get back together or if one person doesn’t want it, it’s not meant to be.


I love stories in which two people reconnect with each other or become friends and then blossom into more after time, an incident, or some event that brought them together. Sometimes the timing could be wrong but if it is meant to work out, it will.

Can’t Force It

In my opinion, if someone is resistant it is not going to work.

It can’t be forced. It has to come on its own time. I tried waiting and waiting for my ex to show me that he was on board still. I made suggestion after suggestion. Date nights. Therapy. Etc. But two forces need to gel together to really make it work. If one person is hesitant, just walk away and wipe your hands off of the situation. It is not worth the energy.

There have been many times in which I have pleaded my case like, “Hey, can’t you just try?” and really, it has to come from the person internally. So I say, just walk away and if the person loves you, he or she will come back around. It always works if the person’s feelings were genuine.And honest.

Most People Don’t Know Themselves

Most people don’t understand how they feel. Try to keep that in mind when some guy or gal gives you a shit reason for why he/she is leaving you or walking away. Sometimes people are lying to save face. Sometimes people just don’t know what they want.

It is not you: It is them! I promise!

In The End

There has to be a somebody for everybody, right?

I want to tell you to have hope, but truthfully I am a little hopeless right now.

Let’s just hope in the end it all works out as it is supposed to be.

And that someone out there is dying for a bubbly Irish Jewish Blonde who tries too hard but means really well.


With chocolate hearts,





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