But He’s Afraid: No, he’s not. He’s just dumping you. Myths of Love #101

Chicks like to talk about guys/ladies–who ever you happen to be romantic with.

We like to sit there and dissect every single word of a conversation we had with our husbands, boyfriends, partners, women, girlfriends, etc.

But here is a cold hard truth that most women cannot accept but we need to when we hear these words:

I don’t know if women in lesbian or bisexual relationship encounter this but, when a man says, “I am afraid and I can’t handle this,”

what he means is: he doesn’t want you.

Sure, he might be afraid. Sure, he might like you a bit. Sure, he may not be able to handle a relationship, but the fact remains that he doesn’t want you.

So move on, sister.

Another myth:

He Loves Me But He Doesn’t Show It

He may indeed love you but if he doesn’t show you, does it matter?

Can you make love to nothing?

Can you fall in love with no feedback?

Eventually, you will walk away. Hopefully sooner than later. If a man or woman cannot show you his/her feelings, he/she has problems and needs to address them. It is not about you necessarily.

She/He Shut Me Out

If someone shuts you out, don’t do what I have done in my past: begged and pleaded for the person to not shut me out.

Let the person go.

If that’s how he or she is going to act, there is nothing you can do but walk away…and decide if you are willing to let the person back in if he/she comes back around. Chances are he/she won’t, but the person might…maybe the person needed time to think and regroup and work on him/herself.

Being The Best You

Promise to work on yourself and hopefully all that work invested in you will make you a great partner and person to be with and then you will find a positive love in your life.

We all have baggage…it’s whether or not we continue to work at this baggage…and if we find someone that accepts our baggage as we accept theirs. You’ll never find someone without issues.

Last resort?

If you’re really lonely, instead of crying or tossing off into a sock, hang out with me on Twitter and Google+. I like company. I like friends. Let’s be BFF’s, okay?

I’m Be Fri, and you will be St Ends!

XOXO and cookies,



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