I Was (You Were) A Bad Mom Today

For whatever reason, I always remember when I mess up as a mom. Not my accomplishments.

The other day, I forgot to pack extra undies in my daughter’s backpack for school. I lambasted myself in true typical Laura fashion, and a wise friend of mine said “Stop thinking of the things you forgot. Think of all the times you remember.”

It was probably the single-handed most best advice I could have gotten because if you know me, you know I am hard on myself.

Today, I left my kid’s lunch bag on the counter…and didn’t bring it with us. Thankfully, I saved the day by going to a local food place and securing chocolate milk, which she never gets at school or home. Party bonus mom!

But I left the school in tears when I realized I had forgotten.

How could I, I told myself.


Did it ever occur to me to think about the moms who beat their kids or neglect their kids?

No. My little “forgot lunch mistake” is pretty small in the scheme of my kid’s life and in terms of errors.

Yet, I was the first person to hang myself, noose and all.

So my message to moms is: be kind to yourself and remember everything you DON”T forget.

With mac n’ cheese and an ice cream cone.

Blonde Mama

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