5 People (Male or Female) NOT to Date

Dating sucks, in my opinion. I never liked it, and am not happy about the idea of doing it again. Maybe I will just collect a pool of Cabana Boys and call it a day.

In any case, after serious thinking and reflection on my life, I have gathered up 4 people, male or female, that you should absolutely, positively NOT date.

Thank me later.

Or run up your therapy bill. See if I care. Wink.

He/She Loves Jerks

I dated this nice guy in my early twenties MTV days that was a nice guy but for whatever reason, he couldn’t stop commiserating over this one girl he had dated who happened to be a total and utter B word. And not in the empowering sense of the word, but in the nasty mean sense of the word.  I couldn’t understand–here I was this amazingly sweet woman. What was he thinking?

Until I realized he liked to be treated like crap by mean women. And later on down the line sure enough, he kept picking B’s to date.

If he or she loves jerks, don’t date them. You can’t solve their low-self-esteem issues.

I was happy to have met a nice guy when I married my husband. It was like,” Finally!”

Always Too Busy

If the person is constantly busy and making excuses, nothing is going to change. He or she might really be busy or might just be playing you. Either way, it’s never going to go anywhere so unless you like to casually date, say sayonara to Mr or Mrs. “Let Me See My Schedule.”

If someone likes you, he or she will fit you in even if his/her life happens to be hectic. I promise.

Recovering Addict

From my knowledge from friends, people in recovery are not supposed to date for 1 year during the recovery stage. I could be wrong. I am not into substances, other than a brief period of experimentation in High School, but from what I know, dating is a no-no during this period. If someone is in recovery, let the person heal. He or she won’t be ready and don’t need the stress of a relationship adding to the mix. Besides, what if 6 months down the line the person goes on a bender? That will be heartbreaking to watch. Recovery is hard.

Toxic Ex

If someone is not over a toxic and clearly god-awful ex, don’t date him or her. If a person is attracted to toxicity, that dude or broad has unresolved issues. Be the person’s friend.

The same goes for someone getting out of a messy divorce. Hold the person’s hand, not her boobs. When something dies that’s bad and a person is still tied to the bad situation, you won’t be able to help him or her through.

Sobbing Over An Ex

Don’t wait for that hottie to stop crying over his/her ex…standing in the sidelines is no way to wait. Hand the person a  kleenex, and move on brother or sister.

I hope these little tips help you in your journey to find Mr or Mrs. Right, Right For the Night, or Right Now.



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