Everyone is an Expert On Someone Else’s Life

Something I have noticed as of late is that suddenly, quite a few people have become experts on life. Not theirs, mine.

Most people mean well and want to help. I am guilty of this as well, but it is funny how people can be so sure of someone else’s choices.

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Happy Hour #3: Out in the Sun With Tea: Company Acquired

Today, and last night in fact, I was fortunate to have 2 friends to see. To sit, talk, and chat with, while drinking my beloved tea.

It wasn’t something huge, but it was something to keep me from remembering that I have lost one of the most important things in my life. That I have a billion things up in the air, and no matter what I do, I seem to have no control over.

Sometimes, a little tea, a little air, and some sun, is more than just something “little.”

It’s enough to get you through the day, and when times are tough, these happy hours add up to make for a better life.

With Chai and Chocolate,



Happy Hour: Day 1–Finding Happiness and sharing it, even if it’s just for one pithy hour

The other day I really wanted to spew a mouthful of annoyance because A; someone asked me a nosy question and yet the person could care less about me…just wanted gossip; B: haven’t heard from one friend–you know the kind of friend who is always selfish when you’re down and out, yet you’re there for him/her all the time? and C: Other stuff. Like… Continue reading

Quick Meditation on Love and Marriage: Don’t Wait

Here’s today’s quick meditation on love and marriage:

Don’t wait until  problem becomes so huge that neither one of you can talk about the issue. Waiting creates anger, resentment, miscommunication, assumptions, and distance–all negative things for a marriage. As painful as the truth may be or speaking words you’re still struggling to deal with, address the issues now before there’s a gulf so huge that it will take a boat to get you back to the one you love.

With an anchor,


Quick Meditation On Marriage And Love: Anger

Today’s quick meditation on love and marriage is as follows:

Being angry all the time gets you nowhere. If you’re angry at your partner, address it before it blows up. Choose your battles. Do you need to get mad about everything? Do you need to blow up? If you’re ready to lose a gasket, consider taking a run, grabbing a beer with a friend, taking a bath, or watching a funny movie. Maybe what you’re mad at about isn’t so important or worth being mad at after all. Angry creates distance and distance creates heartbreak.

Chocolate and Wine,


More Things You Shouldn’t Put On A Dating Profile: How to Online Date

It’s a scary world out there, but the fact is that you gotta live in it, and for some of us, date in it.

I haven’t dared to reach out to some of the nut jobs I see online, but I have learned some valuable lessons.

Dudes, if you want to nab a date or a hot “ride” for the night, here are some additional things you need to consider. To read my first 5 tips for what to NOT put on your online dating profile boys, go here.

Now without further adieu, here goes part II:

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Mother and Child

Today when I went to get my daughter from her daddy’s house, she was mad at me.

Men, you can relate to this I am sure–and women too: When a woman is mad at you, and she gives you brief responses (if you’re lucky to get that even) and physically gives you the cold shoulder like, “Don’t even talk to me fool.”

Well, that was my daughter.

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