Why Do Young Men Love Older Women?

The other day I was speaking to two guys who I could tell were in their early twenties. We were chatting about college, job choices, dating, and I was handing out some advice–wanted advice, FYI.

Anyway, the two guys who I later learned were 23 years old, thanked me.

‘We never get to talk to a gorgeous 30-something woman. Thank you.”

The other guy politely propositioned me in the most nicest way possible if you can imagine, (I did not go for it) and I found it nice to be appreciated by young guys who if I had been their age, probably would have had a much different demeanor around me.

When I walked away, I recounted an earlier event a few months back in which 2 guys at the mall about 22-23, tried to hit on me.

It had me thinking, “Why do younger guys love older women?”

Is it their underlying need to be mothered?

Is it the confidence that women in their 30’s and up carry, unlike the anxiety of the 20’s?

That’s funny. I’m still anxious in my 30’s. But I am certainly much less self-conscious.

Is it some sort of sexual fantasy thing, like the naughty nurse/teacher dynamic?

Is it because an older woman won’t really want a relationship from a dude that young?

And how unfortunate is it that men peak sexually so young whereas women peak much later?

This may also be a reason for the young guy/older woman dynamic.

I will say while I didn’t make any inappropriate moves (still living with your mom is a bit odd at my stage of the game), younger men come off so sweet, baggage free, and less creepy than men my own age, but maybe that is because I am so nice I attract weirdos, and still miss my husband that I am super-critical…and gonna die surrounded by boxes of chocolates and fifty cats.

To all the young men,

I salute you.

(However you like)


8 thoughts on “Why Do Young Men Love Older Women?

  1. duncanr says:

    I can’t speak for all men but . . .

    generally speaking, girls start dating earlier than boys

    but men are supposed to take the lead in courtship

    we then have a paradox that when boys are ready to start dating, we are generally less experienced than the women we are trying to seduce

    this creates a lot of stress as we try to pretend we are more experienced than we are

    dating older women then is attractive because it relieves us of all the pressure of trying to act like the assured one, when we don’t know what the f*ck we are doing

  2. TransparentApparent says:

    Reblogged this on Inside My Naked Soul and commented:
    As I approach my mid-40s, I’m often asking myself (and others) why, despite my best efforts, I cannot attract a man over the approximate age of 28. While I fully appreciate their zeal, energy, willingness to learn and 24/7 on-call statuses, I look forward to the day I finally snare that silver fox I’ve been desiring since I was a teen!

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Thank you for reading and sharing! I guess younger men feel safe and excited by older women…but it is hard to consider a young person for a lifemate obviously 🙂 Good luck finding your silver fox!!

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