Tips On How To Cool Down When You’re A Stressed-Out Mommy

The other day my daughter was really testing me. She had woken early in the morning due to a nightmare probably induced by the stress in her life and from that moment forward, the day was a constant battle. As moms and as parents, we all have days like these. Here are some tips for not running away and cooling down when you’re a stressed-out mommy.

Time Out

I told my daughter flat out, “Mommy needs a time out,” as I was about ready to pull my hair out. I walked away from her for a few minutes to another part of the room and focused on some benign chore. It helped me to breathe for a few minutes. When we’re stressed out, we certainly don’t help our kids behave any better. I was glad I told her too that I needed the time out, so she could understand that moms have a breaking point just like kids.

Just Say Fuck It

Pardon my language but, sometimes you need to let it slide. Not all the time, but if it’s a rough day just let the kid eat the ice pops for lunch and wear a snowsuit in July. You can’t fight every battle.

Admit You Need You Time

For whatever reason, I meet a lot of moms who want to be martyrs. They’re like, “I feel too guilty taking time for myself. I haven’t been alone in 6 months or a year.”


Do yourself a favor. Go for a walk. Get coffee with friends. It’s not a crime. Not taking care of you =a bad mom. Taking care of you? A better mom.

When You Want To Yell, Go Do It…Somewhere else

Go outside if you need to yell, or punch a pillow. Or eat chocolate.

Ask For Help

I don’t really have many folks I can ask for help but if you have a good network, ask for help. Ask your friend, parents, in-laws, or cousins–whomever–to come play with you and the kids, or go to lunch…or even watch the kids. Sometimes mixing it up with new company helps perk your little one out of a bad mood!

New Activities

As mentioned above, new company can help your little one perk up. Try a new activity, park, food, or anything different. Kids get just as bored as you do. Switch things up a little.

When in doubt, drink when the kids are sleeping. But not so much that you wake up in the wrong house.

Mother’s Little Helper,


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